Get real likes from real Instagram users for free! Earn likes by automatically giving likes lớn other users of It"s that simple! Download one of our apps to lớn get started.

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What is

Short answer? A like exchange network! What it actually means is that you will be liking posts of other network users và for each like that your account gives to others you"ll get a like that you can then spend on your own posts.

How many likes can I get?

How many vày you want? You"ll be getting 1 lượt thích to spkết thúc for each like that you give. As long as you keep your phầm mềm running it"ll be exchanging likes with other users automatically và you"ll be able to withdraw earned likes whenever you want. To give sầu you some idea there are users who have sầu earned tens of thousands of likes over the years. Really! We"re speaking of people having over 100 000 likes available for withdrawal.


Is this really free?

Yes! All apps are absolutely free and we intkết thúc to keep things this way forever. There are no paywalls, no hidden fees, no charges for withdrawing, no credit card requirement. Just download, log in, earn likes, withdraw likes. The apps are available worldwide across multiple platforms that cover most users. How great is that?



Available for Android on Google Play, Windows & Mac as a native phầm mềm, & even as an extension to your Google Chrome browser. We"ve got your platsize covered.


Desktop App

Application for desktop gets all updates first và uses the least amount of your device"s resources.


Android App

Our Android application has wide phone tư vấn and boasts more than 500,000 downloads on Google Play.

Chrome Extension

Perfect for those who can"t use our di động or desktop app. Works only in Google Chrome for desktop.

How does it work?

Applications for different platforms have different features và inner-workings, but the idea is the same. You exchange likes with other users of the network automatically & get likes on your posts whenever you want.


No registration required! You log in with your Instagram & remembers you by your username. Your likes are accessible across all platforms.

Automatically like

Activate liking in your application and sit bachồng. That"s it. Your tài khoản is now a part of the network earning you free likes.

Withdraw likes

Once you decide that you"ve collected enough likes, withdraw them & see your Instagram post get real likes from real people.

Free và real likes

You"ll get likes from other users, looking just as good as your own trương mục. We don"t allow transfer of likes between accounts to encourage people khổng lồ use their real account.

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Safe và secure

When you authorize your Instagram inside a application we vì chưng not store your login credentials, or any other credentials. Your password is safe.

Super easy to lớn use

Everything is automated. Once you install the application you can forget about it until you want lớn withdraw your likes.

1 000 000+ downloads

We"re trusted by more than a million people! It makes us very proud khổng lồ see so many people using our apps.

No registration required

You don"t have lớn go through a cumbersome registration process. Log in using your Instagram and that"s it.


Available on Windows, Mac, Android và as a Google Chrome extension for desktops. We"re working on including more platforms as well.

Windows & Mac ứng dụng

Our phầm mềm for Windows & Mac app are equipped with the auto-update feature which ensures that you ge the lachạy thử stable releases of as soon as they are published.

Android App

The application has seen wide success accounting for over 1 000 000 downloads alone. Supports a wide array of Android phones. Your account is always at h&. Learn more about on Android.

Extension for Chrome

Available for Google Chrome on desktops. The extension doesn"t interfere with your Instagram or Chrome experience. Install & enjoy. Learn more about Chrome extension.

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ITS AMAZING!! this isn"t a kém chất lượng Review, it really is an amazing app. you can have it lượt thích things automatically so when you come back to lớn the ứng dụng you can have sầu tons of likes. you bởi vì have to lớn log into your Instagram so if you arent comfortable doing that you can"t use this app. for the record, I have sầu not been hacked or had any suspicious behavior on my account so it is completely safe:))