Adbloông xã Plus is a utility installed on Coc Coc browser, which helps users to blochồng ads during the website surfing process, lớn avoid affecting the work you vày.

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There is nothing khổng lồ enjoy when you are playing games, reading newspapers, viewing documents that pop-up windows appear constantly in the middle of the page, or a small window on the interface of the page. If you accidentally clicked wrong then it will be taken khổng lồ another advertising site, significantly affecting the work being done.

So is there a way to lớn blochồng ads on website browsers? If your Coc Coc is in the state of being attacked by advertising windows, you can use the Adbloông chồng Plus utility, blochồng ads on web browsers.

Instructions lớn bloông xã ads on Coc Coc

Download Coc Coc browser

Step 1:

First of all, we will tải về the Adbloông chồng Plus utility for Coc Coc browser following the links below:

Download the Adbloông chồng Plus utility

Then you will cliông chồng on Add lớn Chrome lớn install Adblock Plus.


Step 2:

Next, we clichồng on Add a widget in the dialog box that appears.


Soon, Adbloông chồng Plus utility has been installed on Coc Coc browser. Adblochồng Plus inhỏ will appear at the kết thúc of the address bar to access the page, & you will also receive sầu a notification that you have successfully installed Adbloông xã Plus utility on Coc Coc browser.

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Step 3:

Now try to lớn access a website & see the ad has been completely blocked. When clicking on the icon of Adblochồng Plus utility , users will see the message Enabled on this page, meaning that Adblochồng Plus is working khổng lồ block ads on Coc Coc.


If you want to turn off without using Adbloông xã Plus utility on Coc Coc browser, you just need to lớn click on the message Enabled on this page lớn switch to the notice Removed on this page . At the same time Adbloông xã Plus icon also becomes gray as shown below.


Step 4:

In case some "stubborn" ads still appear on the page, you can right-clichồng on the ad & select Bloông xã ads .


Step 5:

Appearing a small Bloông xã element window interface, we clicked Add lớn bloông chồng the ad.

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Above sầu is how to lớn block ads on Coc Coc browser when using Adbloông chồng Plus utility, pre-installed on the browser. Immediately after installing the utility, you will not be bothered by ads, or you can bloông chồng ads manually if the ads still appear on the browser.

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I wish you all success!