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backlinks.vnhường Strap 3.0 uses công nghệ Bluetooth không dây Low Energy (BLE) lớn transfer data from the Strap khổng lồ your điện thoại phone. An important difference from previous generations of backlinks.vnhường is that the app will need khổng lồ stay open in the background lớn continue transferring data và remain up khổng lồ date.

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When the data on your Strap is not fully synced (meaning the data is not fully current) you may see the following message on the Overview screen, indicating the data is still "Catching Up."


Main Causes of Data "Catching Up"

Force quitting the app

If you are force quittingthe tiện ích lớn terminate it, you are indicating khổng lồ the operating system that you, as the user, no longer wish the tiện ích lớn continue running even in the background. iOS will not allow backlinks.vnhường lớn run in the background once a user has force quit the app và data will not transfer until you relaunch the phầm mềm.

Low power mode is ON

Within your iPhone"s settings (i.e. your device"s "Settings" app), navigate to lớn "Battery." From here, ensure Low Power Mode is toggled OFF. If it is toggled ON, it will significantly reduce how often the Strap syncs data with the phone.

Background app refresh is OFF

Within your iPhone"s settings (i.e. your device"s "Settings" app), navigate to "General > Background App Refresh." Find the backlinks.vnhường phầm mềm in the danh sách & ensure it is toggled ON.

Airplane mode

Activating airplane mode may automatically toggle OFF Bluetooth and Data on your phone. Both are needed in order to lớn sync data from the Strap lớn the phone. As long as WiFi is enabled và Bluetooth remains on, airplane mode will not have an impact on data syncing.

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Being out of Bluetooth range

When out of Bluetooth range, the Strap will become disconnected and data will no longer be able to lớn sync to the phone. However, your Strap will continue to record và store data (up to lớn 3 days worth) until baông chồng in range of your điện thoại device. At this point, you may see " is Catching Up" until the Strap has fully synced with your device.

Not having cellular service

Either WiFi or cellular data is required lớn send the data your Strap collects khổng lồ our servers for further processing and analysis. If you are out of cellular range, your data will be stored on the Strap (up to 3 days worth). Once the phone has re-established cell service, data will begin lớn upload again. At this point, you may see "Data Catching Up" until the Strap has fully synced with your device.

backlinks.vnhường Strap battery dies

If the backlinks.vnhường Strap battery drains completely, the Strap will no longer be able to collect data. Once the Strap has been charged & reconnected, it will begin khổng lồ collect và sync data again. You can double-tap the Strap lớn check its battery life.

How Long Until Data Catches Up?

The backlinks.vnhường Strap is able to lớn hold up lớn 3 days of data. Depending upon how long it"s been since the Strap last synced with your Mobile device, it may take some time for the two khổng lồ catch up. For example, syncing a full day (24 hours) of data may take up lớn 1 hour.

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If you are experiencing anything longer than this, please try rebooting the Strap by opening the menu in the app and navigating khổng lồ "Strap Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Strap." No data will be lost when rebooting the Strap.