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Safety and security of your Facebook trương mục & information is very important. Facebook is the world’s largest online social network. You may be using it to lớn put all kinds of personal information up there for easy access. Also, after a while Facebook becomes a world in itself because of so many friends and conversations. In fact people sometimes may feel addicted lớn Facebook. In such circumstances, it is important that you keep your Facebook password very safe.

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The other day a backlinks.vn reader asked me, “I am receiving repeated SMS text messages on my di động phone. The message asks me khổng lồ remix my Facebook password. But I never asked Facebook to lớn change or remix my password. Do you think it is a fraud?”

Well, yes, indeed it could be a fraud & an attempt to lớn haông xã your Facebook tài khoản.

You may also have got SMS or text messages giving you Facebook password reset code. Facebook sends such a code to your registered thiết bị di động phone when you use options lượt thích Forgot Password. But you may be getting such text messages without your asking for them!

Online Safety is very important. You must be careful about it.

My reader who asked the above question has shared with me such an SMS. The text is lượt thích given below:

###### is your Facebook Password rephối code, or rephối your password here: (https: // fb. com /…………… ). To reply skết thúc SMS khổng lồ ############

Why you’re getting SMS containing a Facebook Password reset code?

Assuming you’ve not made a request to lớn reset your Facebook password, all other possibilities are rouge. Some of these scenargame ios are:

Someone is repeatedly trying to log inkhổng lồ your Facebook accountA bot (a software that works automatically) is trying to guess your password.
What to vì if you are repeatedly getting Facebook password reset codes?

If you have sầu not requested such a code, the only thing you should vày is DO NOTHING.

Do not cliông chồng on any liên kết given in the SMS text message. Do not Call any phone number given in such a message.

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If it is a case of phishing, doing nothing will keep your Facebook tài khoản safe.

However, if a person or a software is trying to lớn guess your password, it is better that you think about the strength of your password. Any of your passwords, be it for Facebook or something else, must not be guessable. Most people use very weak và guessable passwords. (use our strong password generator)

Think about your password & if you believe sầu that it is not svào enough, go & log into your Facebook tài khoản và change your password khổng lồ a better one.

What if you’re receiving phone điện thoại tư vấn asking you khổng lồ remix your Facebook password?

Some people have sầu also reported that, instead of SMS text message, they get phone gọi from different numbers. The automatic IVR response on phone asks these Facebook users lớn remix their Facebook passwords.

If you also get such a Điện thoại tư vấn, DO NOT bởi vì anything that they say. Just disconnect the Gọi & bloông chồng the number. thiết bị di động apps like TrueCaller can help you finding details of the unknown number. TrueCaller also provides you the facility to blochồng incoming calls and marking a phone number as spam.

What to vày if your Facebook account is hacked?

If you remix password because of such unwarranted SMS, emails or phone calls, & chiến bại access to lớn your Facebook account, DO NOT WORRY! Facebook can help you get your account baông xã. Go to https://www.facebook.com/hacked and follow their instructions.

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I hope this information was useful for you. Please feel free to ask should you have any questions on this topic. I will be happy khổng lồ try and help. Thank you for using backlinks.vn.