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IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 307 with Model Answer:

A sport that you would like to learn.

You should say:what sport it ishow you would learn ithow difficult you think it would be to learnand explain why you would like to learn this sport. Model Answer: There are a good number of indoor and outdoor sports are available. And the preferences to sports are different based on people’s choice. I love to take part in indoor sports and considering to learn table tennis. This is a charming sport and requires a special set of skills and movements to master the skills and play it. Thank you for the question and I will describe it now.Table tennis is an exciting form of sport. It has numerous benefits. First of all, it helps to increase the concentration of the players. Besides, it is much better than the lawn tennis. In fact, you need to run more on the lawn and it is a bit relaxed on the table. Besides, there are some special techniques to serve the ball to the opponent. It helps to make them perplexed and confirms the victory. I also like the game for its health benefits. Overall, this is a highly entertaining indoor sport that also brings name and fame to players.I am planning to learn it the university campus currently, I am studying in. In fact, there are nice arrangements of table tennis. A substantial number of students take part in the sport. There are four table tennis tables, tennis bats and other features available. The students take part in the sport and compete with each other. Sometimes they play in teams as well. So, I have decided to take part in the sport with a view to learn it.

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But it is difficult to manage chances to play there. The tables are always occupied by the players. Even it is not empty in the leisure hours except the holidays. I have also decided to buy a personal table tennis bat and ball for me to practice at home. In fact, I am planning to use the unused wooden table in our garage.It is really difficult to learn the sport. I had tried several times to make the beginning but could not do it perfectly. I lacked the skills to hold the bat in the right way. On the other side, it is slightly difficult for me to notice the speedy movement of the ball. I am also unable to move faster like the other players. In fact, a fast movement is a must to learn the sport. Without moving fast in line with the ball, there are chances that you will be the loser in the game. Besides, mastering the tennis ball serving methods is another terrible tasks. If you can create a swing, there are chances that your opponent will be misguided with the ball direction. And if you fail to make the swing, your opponent will strike you back harder which may make you unable to defeat. Hence, I think this is moderately difficult to learn the sport.I would like to learn the sport for some reasons. First of all, all types of sports a kind of exercise that keeps the body fit, healthy. It also refreshes the mind. In fact, this is a very good way to pass the leisure hours. Getting skilled in this sport will make me famous as well, among the other players. If I could be a skilled table tennis player, I would be able to take part in the inter-university championship which will be a matter of great pride for my university. Besides, as I need to focus on the ball, it will increase my concentration level. As this is an indoor sport, there are fewer chances of injuries and accidents. Considering everything, I think this is the perfect sport for me to learn about.