What is url redirect and how does it work?


The panel Redirect service requires that you have an active sầu hosting plan for the tên miền, or that the domain is registered with backlinks.vn.

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A "redirect" tên miền acts as a pointer to lớn another tên miền. When accessing a website page on the redirected domain, the browser"s URL is changed khổng lồ the domain name to lớn which it is being redirected. When setting this up through the backlinks.vn panel, a 301 redirect is created automatically.

This article explains how to redirect a domain or subdomain name at backlinks.vn.


The examples in this article use the HTTPS protocol. For this khổng lồ work, the domain name you"re redirecting to must already have sầu an SSL certificate configured. If not, just use HTTPhường instead.

Any page you visit on your current site (the one being redirected) is forwarded khổng lồ the page on the redirected site. For example, let"s say you"re redirecting example.com lớn backlinks.vn.com. If you visit example.com/tương tác.html, the URL changes to backlinks.vn.com/liên hệ.html.


Cliông chồng the Add Hosting khổng lồ a Domain / Sub-Domain button.Scroll down khổng lồ the Redirect section.
Enter the information in the following fields:Domain khổng lồ redirect – enter the new domain name or subdomain name you"d lượt thích to lớn redirect elsewhere.

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Redirect to URL – enter the URL to which you wish this new tên miền or subtên miền lớn redirect.Clichồng the Redirect this domain button to lớn complete the mix up.
Click the Manage button khổng lồ edit your site settings.
Clichồng the Hosting tab.
Scroll down to the Redirect Domain box & click the down arrow on the right.
Enter the URL in the "Destination URL:" field where you"d lượt thích this domain to lớn redirect.Cliông xã the Redirect Domain button to lớn complete the cài đặt.

If you need khổng lồ create a redirect to a subdirectory of another site, make sure khổng lồ add a trailing forward slash to lớn the redirected URL. If you vị not, the URL will not redirect correctly.

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For example, if your site is example.com and you want to redirect lớn a subdirectory of another site called backlinks.vnexample.com/blog, make sure the redirect you create adds the trailing forward slash lượt thích this:


If you do not add the forward slash, any files accessed within that subdirectory will not load since the URL will be incorrect.

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