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Open source website fonts let designers radically change their page designs và typographic styles. And some of these web fonts use inhỏ sets to lớn bring vector-based icons into CSS. If you’re looking for 100% không tính phí icon fonts for your website then this post has collected all of the best ones. Each ibé pachồng is totally không tính phí with SVG vectors và webfonts formats to include in your stylesheets & website pages.

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1. Captain Icon

My personal favorite web fonts is the Captain Inhỏ pachồng created by designer Mario del Valle. It’s a totally không lấy phí open source project hosted on GitHub with vector files và web fonts.

What I like most about this inhỏ paông xã is the style. Each inhỏ has a very quality kiến thiết, & they’re all h& drawn from scratch. This makes them st& out far above sầu the other more generic inhỏ sets.

But I don’t think Captain Icon works for every project. It’s best used on creative sites where a hand-drawn style fits with the layout.

2. Octicons

GitHub recently open sourced their own inhỏ paông xã called Octicons. This không tính phí inhỏ phối is currently in version 5.0 & includes dozens of icons with some basic symbols.

These icons can be found scattered throughout the GitHub website. But they’re just simple enough that they can work on pretty much any interface.

If you need a simple, lightweight inhỏ phông then Octicons won’t let you down.

3. Typicons

With rounded corners and simpler outlines, the Typicons set is perfect for any site. It comes with 330+ unique icons all with a similar style.

The pack is completely không tính tiền and also available on GitHub. This means you can include the icons directly into your site & even make edits lớn them as needed.

Few people know about Typicons but it’s one of the better icon web fonts available. They can even work for iOS with some minor adjustments and special code snippets.

4. Zondicons

Zondicons are totally free & real easy to lớn add into lớn your site. Unfortunately these aren’t hosted on GitHub so they don’t have an update archive sầu.

But you can see all of the examples on the kiểm tra page including which CSS classes you need lớn get them working properly. The main Zondicons tải về liên kết comes right from the website, so it’s hard to tell if they’ve sầu ever been updated or if new icons were added.

I vì chưng recommover this webfonts if you’re okay with simpler designs. This makes the icons far easier lớn use, but they can also blover inlớn the site with a more “generic” style.

5. Entypo

The webfont ibé family Entypo has been around for quite a few years. These icons are superb và they’re top of the line when it comes lớn freebies.

New icons are added sporadically and they’re very simple khổng lồ access. The fonts also split inlớn two packs: the main paông xã và the social pack. So if you don’t need social truyền thông media icons you can reduce the phông tệp tin kích cỡ by quite a bit.

Entypo comes with over 400 icons and a brilliant CC sharealike license. To learn more about installation and customizing the icons you should read through the FAQ page & visit the main GitHub repo.

6. MFG Labs

One of the newer fonts in this danh sách comes from MFG Labs with their own inhỏ set. It’s completely không tính phí & hosted on GitHub for the world lớn access.

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Each ibé comes packed with standard webphông formats using Unicode PUAs in CSS. This is fully semantic in all browsers and helps lớn reduce clashes against other CSS code.

MFG Labs icons have sầu a chất lượng style that stands out from the herd. I absolutely recommend this inhỏ font for any type of website, commercial or otherwise.

7. Ionicons

Native devs love sầu the Ionic Framework và it’s one of the most popular choices for web-to-Smartphone apps. The Ionic team decided khổng lồ release their icons as a webfont called Ionicons.

Naturally they’re totally miễn phí & available on GitHub. You can even add these icons directly to lớn your site using the CDN version of the stylesheet.

I mostly recommkết thúc Ionicons for newbies who haven’t used ibé fonts before. They’re super easy khổng lồ thiết đặt, and once you underst& how they work you can move onkhổng lồ pretty much any other icon webfonts out there.

8. Font Awesome

The original web font và Bootstrap’s personal choice, Font Awesome is perhaps the definitive pichồng for most website designers.

Font Awesome has been around for years & it’s widely regarded as the first major open source inhỏ fonts. It frequently gets new updates with fresh icons & currently it’s in v4.7 with a free tải về on GitHub.

Every inhỏ is fully scalable and maintainable directly in CSS. You can change colors, shadows, background gradients, or pretty much anything else using pure CSS3.

This is by far one of the safest inhỏ sets you can use and you know it’s going be here for the long haul.

9. Material Design Icons

Google’s material design brought a new approach lớn UI/UX on the web. This led to many new frameworks và resources including this material thiết kế inhỏ phông.

These material icons are totally không tính tiền & accessible on GitHub. This ibé paông chồng is absolutely massive with over 1,000 icons covering a wide array of interface features.

And because it’s open source you’re không lấy phí khổng lồ reuse these on any projects & even customize the icons if needed. Perfect for anyone working with Google’s material guidelines on the web.

10. Devicons

The Devicons pachồng is one of the newer website fonts you can try with a focus on tech logos và branding.

This icon fonts has every logo sản phẩm you can think of from the big tech players lượt thích Google khổng lồ newer CMS logos lượt thích Ghost. I’ll admit, this is only useful for sites that want vector tech logos which certainly won’t be a majority.

But it’s a hefty inhỏ set & it’s totally free! You’ll find install details on this page with a free CDN version you can use lớn reduce load times.

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Wrapping Up

It’s hard picking just ten inhỏ fonts because so many new ones are released every year. But these are my top picks and if you recommover any others be sure khổng lồ tóm tắt in the comments below.