The secret method to getting large facebook link thumbnail for youtube videos


There’s a tough competition amuốn video clip sharing platforms và obviously, Facebook doesn’t want to lớn send their visitors over to lớn YouTube. This is the reason why if you want to tóm tắt a YouTube đoạn Clip it will only show a teeny-tiny thumbnail, along with a title và a short meta description. Not something that has a very effective sầu cliông xã through rate.




Source: SpongeBob Rubik’s Cube 3 chiều drawing

In the other h& if you tóm tắt a Facebook video clip, it not just shows large but it also starts khổng lồ play automatically when your friends scroll through it on your timeline. It even loops the đoạn Clip, generating more views so Facebook can brag that they generate more views.

In this article I’m going lớn present an easy and effective sầu way of creating a custom large thumbnail for Youtube videos shared on Faccebook without the use of a third các buổi party không lấy phí trang web, such as yt2fb.

YT2FB & other alternatives – Don’t use them