How To Get Access To Google Ad Manager And Adsense

Based on the dem&, you’ll get CPMs as high as $5 to $7, on a typical day. No more CPC game, it’s all about impressions now.

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As you’re here, we assume you know what is Google Ad Exchange & why you should get in. In case you don’t know, head over lớn our primer on the Google Ad Exchange page. So, the question is how do you get Google AdX account?

If you’ve sầu used any of Google’s services, you know that the company prefers the users to lớn get in by themselves. For instance, you can access Adsense dem& by pasting its tag to lớn your site, and it’s done. The rest is all mix and you’ll be paid every 30 days. But, most of the publishers aren’t satisfied with the money they make from Google AdSense. The reason is ad revenue.

Google AdX is the next step in your monetization strategy. Similar lớn Adsense, you can enter AdX by yourself. It’s an exchange (not an ad network and there’s a lot of difference between them) that allows you khổng lồ sell impressions rather than clicks. Besides, you’ll get access to lớn a pool of new advertisers who’ve deep pockets and year-long campaigns. In fact, from our analysis, we found that Google Ad Exchange is the best exchange in terms of revenue contribution. You get it, now here’s how to get Google AdX.

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What’s the Difference Between Google Ad Manager & Ad Exchange?

Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) is an ad VPS that helps publishers like you khổng lồ manage ad serving, phối up và run direct đơn hàng, track the revenue, target the right inventory, and more. Whereas an ad exchange is a marketplace where publishers and truyền thông media buyers come together to lớn buy và sell ad impressions. AdX is one of the many ad exchanges. You can access it via Google Ad Manager. Google has integrated AdX và GAM in such a way that they complete each other. So, they are together, but different.

How lớn Sign Up for Google Ad Exchange?

There are different ways you can signup for Google Ad Exchange.

Through Google Account ManagerPartner with Third Party

1. Ask Google (Your Google Account Manager)

Yeah, the simplest way to lớn get into the AdX is to ask Google itself. Usually, you’ll be assigned a Google Account Manager* & you can just ask him/her to lớn know whether you can get into Google AdX.

*Google Account Manager will be assigned lớn every publisher who uses Google’s ad VPS – Google Ad Manager (formerly, Google DoubleClick).

Most likely, the trương mục manager will push you lớn Google AdX if you’re eligible. So, what if you’re not eligible?

But first, what vì chưng you need khổng lồ be eligible?

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Google Ad Exchange (Google AdX)?

Google doesn’t publicly danh sách the minimum requirements lớn access its exchange. But 10 million page views per month is the number that’s been thrown around a lot, as the minimum requirement for a publisher.

We highly doubt it. We personally know a handful of publishers with 10 million page views/mo. who couldn’t get into lớn Google AdX until we showed them the other way? That being said, there are certain things that won’t get you to lớn AdX for sure. It includes:

– Having non-br& safe content. Your site should be không tính tiền from:

Health or medical-related information or drug paraphernalia,Promoting racial or ethnic origins, or content related khổng lồ religious beliefs, Content showing the negative sầu financial status of any person,Adult contentProvoking sales of weapons, political affiliation, andSales of tobacco, alcohol.

– Altering site behavior (initiating downloads, redirect khổng lồ unwanted websites, etc.) without users’ consent.

– Triggering pop-unders.

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– Failing khổng lồ host an ads.txt file.

– Publishing content in non-supported languages. Yes, Google doesn’t m0netize all the languages. Here are the languages that aren’t supported at the moment:

Croatian,Estonian,Greek,Hebrew,Indonesian,Latvian,Lithuanian,Romanian, andSerbian.

2. Partner with a Third-party

You can partner with a third-buổi tiệc ngọt (Google AdX reseller) of your choice to lớn get into lớn Google Ad Exchange. Google runs — ‘Scaled Partner Management (SPM)’ và ‘Google Publishing Partner’ programs for third parties to lớn become a Google authorized partner. You can access Google AdX demvà via such resellers. 


The authorized partners will resell your inventory through Google AdX even when you aren’t getting the invitation from Google. There’s a catch. You have lớn pay them for access. Most partners will take 10 to đôi mươi percent of the ad revenue generated (via AdX) every month. If you are making $8000 from AdX, they’ll charge $800 for their services. It’s a good option as you’re getting exchange access. 

But still, you are leaving money on the table. It is absolutely right lớn sell your ad impressions via Google’s ad exchange. However, it’s not the ideal setup to reap the maximum benefits. Your revenue will increase (sometimes, by up to 50%), when you make Google AdX compete with other global exchanges.

That leads us to lớn — Header bidding.

To summarize, you can get a Google AdX account by asking your Google Account Manager. If your request is not accepted, you can liên hệ an Authorised Google SPM Partner khổng lồ get you access lớn the Google Ad Exchange dem&.

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Ikhuyến mãi Setup

By now, you should’ve sầu heard about header bidding. If not, it’s time. Header bidding is an advanced programmatic technique that gives you access khổng lồ several ad exchanges like AdX. One of the advantages of header bidding is that you’ll be able lớn conduct auctions without any bias and the highest bidder will win the auction, thus, earning the best possible CPM (or ad revenue). Sign up for this short email series khổng lồ know all about header bidding. 

We offer header bidding for both mid-sized and premium publishers across the globe.

What’s more? We’re authorized by Google to resell Google AdX demand, through Google Scaled Partner Management (SPM) program. This means we can get you access lớn Google Ad Exchange along with other ad exchanges. At the end of the day, you have all the major exchanges competing proactively for your inventory.

What’s Next?

It’s quite clear. As a publisher, you shouldn’t choke the users with ads on the page. Instead, try to lớn increase the competition, which in turn, intensifies the bidding & increased the revenue. Google Ad Exchange is the largest exchange there is và when you combine it with other exchanges, you can get the maximum revenue out of every session. We can help you with both the cài đặt & implementation. What are you waiting for? We’re just a cliông xã away.