I accepted a friend request


Today i am going tell you how lớn haông chồng your friend"s Facebook account in a step wise manner, this is very easy & simple and it doesn"t take much time either. this is one of the security measures by facebook but we are going lớn use it as a loop hole & hack using it

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First i gave sầu information on hacking facebook trương mục & then prevention methods too. Enjoy Hacking


Actually This Technique Works Only If the Victyên is on your friend’s List Account, Not Only on One They Should Appear as Friend in Your 3 Accounts, This Does Not Work for Some Accounts Because Some of the Accounts Are Not Updated Yet.

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How To Know Whether Your Friend’s Account Can Be Hacked Through This Technique or Not:

Open www.facebook.com Through PC and Now Clichồng On “Forgot Password” Below Login, Then another Page Appears, There Type or Paste Their Username or Thư điện tử or Link of Their Account.

Then It May Ask For Security Questions, It Differ From One Account To Another

Skết thúc A Code To Your Thư điện tử Send a Code Your Mobile Answer Your Security QuestionIdentify Your Friends Pics.If You Can Persize Any Of These Well And Good, Or Else Select " Answer Your Security Question" And There Type What Ever Name You Get Till It Says Time Up, Or Else If You Can Find "Cant Access To Any Of These" Cliông chồng On That, This Is It

If It Says Select 3 Friend"s, That Means You Can Haông chồng Them Simply, Here It Says Select 3 Friends And It Will Skết thúc A Code To Their mobile Number"s

Rules To Be Followed:

Create Three New Facebook Accounts Or Else If You Have sầu Them Already No ProblemSelect a target (whose tài khoản you want lớn hack) và then sover them friover requests, they should accept your friend request for sure.

Names Of The Accounts Should Not Be Same,For Example: If One Account Name Is John Mark và Another Account Name is John Henry, Then Only One Can Be Taken from Those Both While You Are Hacking, So Better Use Different Names Which Does Not Match At All.

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After They Accept Your Frikết thúc Request You will have to wait for 7 days or so but minimum 7 days, I Mean All Your Accounts Should Be Older Than 7 Days After Account Creation As Well As A Friend, và in that 7 days or so you should chat with them khổng lồ a great extent, so that your chat with them will be in his/her top chat lists

And One More Thing For Every Account You Should Add di động Number"s And Verify Them............ Almost There Will Be No Need Of mobile Number But It Is Better To Have sầu It Just In Case.

If By Any Chance If They Don"t Reply khổng lồ You At All Or If You Don"t Know What To Chat, There Is No Problem, Do Not Worry About It Just Select Some Large Text Like Any Data, Copy And Paste It In Your Chat With Them For Many Times( Say 20-30 Times Which Contain 20)

Also Your Address Should Be Same As The Account That You Want To Hack.If You Are Successful Till Now, That Means You Almost Reached Your Target.

After you are sure about making a longest chat with the victim using all 3 accounts, Log-Out Of Your Account And Cliông chồng Forgot Password And Then Paste Their URL Or Username In It

Press Enter, Dont Mind About The Security Questions. At The Bottom Of The Dialog Box, You can Find " Can"t Access To Any Of These" Clichồng On It, There you can see Three Friends Method To Recover Password, There Select Your Three Accounts

If You Did Not Add sản phẩm điện thoại Number To Your All Three Account"s There Is A Chance that your Account name might not appear In the danh mục of trusted Friends, If You Can See Your Name In the List, Without Adding Mobile Number, Then Code Will Be Sent To Your Email

Click Finish and You will Get Codes To Your 3 thiết bị di động Number"s, Type all 3 codes and then you will be directed to password remix page.

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That"s It Your Hack Is DoneHow To Get Secured From Three Friend"s Technique

I. This Is Much More Simpler Than Hacking, Doing This Doesn"t Even Take A MinuteII. Firstly Login To Your Facebook Account And Then Cliông xã On "Account Settings" Above sầu LogOutIII. In Security Option " You Can Find Add Trusted Friends" There Add Any Of Your Accounts Or If You Have Any Trusted Friends Add Them, That"s It, Now No One Will Be Able To Haông xã Your Account Through This Technique

IV. Facebook will ask you lớn update your trusted friends once in a year or so, you need khổng lồ update it when they notify you.