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Facebook is world number one social network, where you can communicate with your friends. You are probably the best, you know about The Importance of Facebook.

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Today I wrote a different article and give sầu you a new system, which you use, Facebook status and photos get like, even on the full không tính tiền. Without any problems, every Status
and photos on your facebook protệp tin, 15/20 minutes consecutive you get tự động 150/200 Like & Comments. Absolutely 100% Free.How Haông xã a Facebook Account.How Do That? So let"s go, read my full article. Or follow my every STEP..

NOTE: Please Be Aware That Your Facebook Account Also Used To Likes & Comment To Other Pepoles Post (status, photos), This Tips Work Do Your Own RISK.....

STEP.. 1First go to this link Facebook Followers Settings then you see frist two option, 1. Who Can Follow Me.
thats change to Everybody 2. Follower Comments thats change khổng lồ EverybodySTEP.. 2Now go lớn This Link, and after you"ll see that, same this image.
STEP 3Then cliông chồng on Cliông xã Here.
After the image appears, and the App to lớn Allow Permission Survival. Then here Cliông xã the second step.

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STEPhường. 4Now you see same page of the images.
và you copy this page url without View Source:
STEPhường 5Now bachồng the trang chủ Page. you will see a box, input/paste your copied url/token the box.
Then click now Login To MG Likers
STEPhường 6Now you will see some option Liker and Commenter. you choose what your need, now i choosed Liker.
STEPhường. 7Then choose on the thành phầm Status liker,
Photo or Comment Liker. you want to need the likes. Now I choose on PHOTO.
STEP 8Now I submit a Phokhổng lồ, and wait some time.

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you did it, Now see how many of these like I received.