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In this blogpost I will show you how to use a technique called ‘clickjacking’ lớn gain thousands of real Facebook likes, Twitter Followers, Google +1’s, you name it. You could potentially use this hack lớn get every single visitor of your website to lớn lượt thích your Facebook page without them even knowing.

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But more importantly, I will also show you how you can prevent this from happening lớn your website. Be ready for some technical terms. In order khổng lồ be able lớn follow this tutorial, you should at the very least have sầu some basic knowledge of HTML.

And please, before you read any further, be sure to read và underst& the warning below!

Warning: Clickjacking is an extreme blackhat practice. At we have sầu never used, nor will we every use, any blackhat hacks or other such methods to lớn gain exposure. We recommover you bởi vì neither! The information provided in this article is to be used for educational purposes only & to help protect yourself against such hacks. We are not responsible for any misuse of the information provided.

What the hechồng is clickjacking anyways?

Clickjacking, also known as a “UI redress attack”, is when an attacker uses multiple transparent or opaque layers lớn trick a user inlớn clicking on a button or liên kết on another page when they were intending to lớn cliông chồng on the the top level page. Thus, the attacker is “hijacking” clicks meant for their page và routing them to another page, most likely owned by another application, domain, or both.

For example, imagine a hacker who builds a website site that has a button on it that says “cliông chồng here to lớn go to Google”. However, on top of that website page, the attacker has loaded an iframe with a Twitter Follow button, & lined up exactly the “Follow” button directly on top of the “click here to lớn go lớn Google” button. The victim tries to lớn cliông xã on the liên kết to Google, but instead actually clicked on the invisible Twitter Follow button. The victim now starts lớn follow the attacker on Twitter without even knowing it. In essence, the attacker has “hijacked” the user’s clichồng, hence the name “Clickjacking”.

Baông xã in 2009, clickjacking made the news in the form of a Twitter worm. This clickjacking attaông xã convinced users to lớn clichồng on a button which caused them lớn re-tweet a liên kết to the malicious page, causing it to go viral.

Clickjacking was initially discovered by Robert Hansen & Jeremiah Grossman.

Digging in

In this demonstration, we are going to steal Facebook likes without the user knowing it.

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In order to vì this, we will be using a brand new tool called Quickjack (a brilliant but nasty tool by Samy Kamkar) khổng lồ automatically generate the code that allows the victlặng to cliông xã anywhere on the page in order lớn get clickjacked. But before we can vì chưng any of that, we will have khổng lồ create a like button.

Step 1: Creating a Facebook Like button

You can head over lớn this Facebook page which allows you to lớn easily generate a lượt thích button. Make sure khổng lồ disable the “Show Friends’ Faces” option, and don’t include the share button. Then click on the ‘Get code’ button.


Step 2: Set-up a page for the Like button

Now that we have the code for the like button, we will need a page lớn display it on. Copy và paste the code you just generated on Facebook inkhổng lồ a blank HTML tệp tin, & make sure you upload it khổng lồ your website hệ thống.


Step 3: Generate the clickjacking script

This is where the fun begins. Head over khổng lồ the Quickjaông chồng tool I told you about earlier, and enter the liên kết to lớn your like button page in the input đầu vào field. Then cliông chồng on the ‘Go’ button next to lớn the input:


Quickjaông xã will load your like button inkhổng lồ it’s page, but because the lượt thích button is so small, it will appear behind the đầu vào and buttons from Quickjaông chồng itself. Use the drag tool (black arrow inhỏ on the top left) lớn drag Quickjack’s controls below your like button.

Next, we have sầu to instruct Quickjaông chồng where we want lớn force the user khổng lồ clichồng. We want our victims to click on the lượt thích button, so go ahead and click on it. A red crosshairs will appear to lớn indicate where you’ve sầu set your click-target. You can now cliông xã on the “I’m done!” button lớn generate the code for the clickjack script.


Step 4: Let the clickjacking begin!

You can now simply copy the code that Quickjaông chồng has generated for you, & paste it khổng lồ any (high-traffic) website you own. When a visitor clicks anywhere on that trang web, he or she will actually be pressing the lượt thích button you’ve just created.

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Defending against Clickjacking

There are two main ways lớn prevent clickjacking:

Sending the proper X-Frame-Options HTTP response headers that instruct the browser to not allow framing from other domainsEmploying defensive sầu code in the UI lớn ensure that the current frame is the most top màn chơi window

I don’t want khổng lồ make this article too technical, so for more information on Clickjacking defense, please head over to the Clickjacking Defense Cheat Sheet.