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Our List of 30 Free Aukhổng lồ Liker Websites to Use for FacebookOur List of 30 Free Aulớn Liker Websites to Use for FacebookPublished by James ParsonsJune 18, 2018

What this means is you’re going khổng lồ be liking a whole lot of pages you don’t care about, và a lot of those pages are going to be completely irrelevant khổng lồ your tài khoản. They might be foreign, they might be spam, they might be malicious. You have no control over it.

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If this happens, you’re very likely khổng lồ eat a temporary ban from Facebook. The temporary ban means you can’t post in groups, you can’t phản hồi, you can’t lượt thích photos or posts, và you’re limited in other actions you can take.

If you continue with the actions that earned you a temporary ban, there’s a chance that ban can be upgraded.

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You might thua thảm access khổng lồ the advertising system, or you might even find your page – or your tài khoản as a whole – banned entirely.

Now rethành viên that Facebook link Page accounts to Profiles. All of your business pages are attached lớn your personal protệp tin. If you’re auto-liking things, it’s not your business page doing it, it’s your personal protệp tin. Your personal profile, which is now sharing all of this terrible content with your friends và family. Your personal profile, which now has a feed full of spam and garbage, missing critical posts from friends and family. Your best friover is getting engaged? Your cousin had a baby? You missed the announcements, because you’re too busy trying to lớn get 100 more likes on your business.

Then you have lớn consider whether the auto-liker is charging you money on top of using your trương mục for nefarious purposes. I know I made this post aimed at không tính tiền auto-likers, but there are plenty of paid apps out there that bởi vì the same thing, but can also open you up lớn credit card fraud. Even if they don’t steal your card information, they’re charging you for the tiện ích, and in some ways that might as well be fraud.

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At the kết thúc of the day, even though I’m giving you a các mục of resources you can kiểm tra out if you want to lớn experiment with black-hat techniques, I don’t recommend using any of them. Consider this more of a thought experiment, or a method you can use to lớn run a case study, not a legitimate technique for growth.