Thinking of signing up with GoDaddy? Read our review to see if they’re the right hosting provider for you.

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With over 82 million domains under management, GoDaddy is the top domain registrar in the world — and they’re also one of the most popular hosting providers as well.

From bloggers who need an affordable option for their personal site to businesses looking for a solution that can handle a high volume of traffic, GoDaddy offers plans for every type of hosting user.

Below, we’ll go over GoDaddy’s pricing, features, and everything else you need to know about this hosting provider.

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Money-back Guarantee

Annual plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee, while monthly plans have a 48-hour money-back guarantee.

If the plan you purchased included one year of free domain registration, the cost of this domain will be deducted from your refund. You’ll still be able to use the domain with another host, though.

GoDaddy Review Conclusion

Overall, there’s a lot to like about GoDaddy. With their products ranging from basic shared hosting to super-charged dedicated servers, GoDaddy truly offers something for everyone. They provide excellent customer support options as well.

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The only downside is that, while GoDaddy’s shared hosting and WordPress plans are quite affordable, there are other providers that offer lower prices. If you’re just looking for the lowest hosting price available, you’ll need to look elsewhere. But if there’s enough room in your budget for you to look beyond the bargain bin, GoDaddy is well worth your consideration.

Try GoDaddy. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Please check out our dedicated GoDaddy FAQ.

GoDaddy Plans & Prices

Below is an overview of GoDaddy’s plans and their current price list. For more detail, visit our page about GoDaddy’s hosting plans.

Plan nameDiskspaceBandwidthMonthly price
Basic Shared Hosting 100 GB Unlimited 1.00
Deluxe Shared Hosting Unlimited Unlimited 7.99
Ultimate Shared Hosting Unlimited Unlimited 12.99
Basic WordPress Hosting 30 GB SSD 25K visits/mo 1.00
Deluxe WordPress Hosting 75 GB SSD 100K visits/mo 9.99
Ultimate WordPress Hosting Unlimited Unlimited 12.99
Ecommerce WordPress Hosting Unlimited Unlimited 15.99
#1 VPS Hosting 20 GB Unlimited 4.99
#2 VPS Hosting 100 GB Unlimited 19.99
#3 VPS Hosting 200 GB Unlimited 39.99
#4 VPS Hosting 400 GB Unlimited 69.99
#1 Dedicated Server 2 x 4 TB Unlimited 129.99
#2 Dedicated Server 2 x 4 TB Unlimited 169.99
#3 Dedicated Server 2 x 8 TB Unlimited 299.99
#4 Dedicated Server 2 x 8 TB Unlimited 399.99

Try GoDaddy. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Alternatives To GoDaddy For Web Hosting

Head over to our alternatives guide to learn which brands we think are also worth considering alongside GoDaddy.

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