Is it correct to use the word "in"? We say, "I have faith in me". In the same way, can we say "I don"t believe in you"?



Instead of you how about you say ghosts?

I don"t believe ghosts.

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This means that when ghosts you things, you tover khổng lồ think they"re lying.

There is another meaning that is conveyed when the phrase is said in an exasperated or angry tone, which is that you are surprised and angered/exasperated by the behaviour of ghosts.

I don"t believe sầu in ghosts.

This means you bởi not believe sầu in the existence of ghosts.

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All of these meanings are applicable to lớn the sentence when you is used.

However, "I don"t believe in you" also means "I have sầu no faith in you". Context should provide the required clues as to which meaning is relevant.

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