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In the morning of 19 April năm nhâm thìn, Taliban militants attacked a security team.


On the morning of 19 April năm 2016, Taliban militants attacked a security team .



"on" is the correct preposition và "in" is the incorrect one for this case.

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"The morning of" functions as an adjectival phrase clarifying the specific time & date "on 19 April 2016". "On" is used because it belongs to lớn the date here, specific part of the day.

The normal language constructions would be:

on + date (with the year or without it) or day of the weekin + morning, afternoon, evening (in the morning, in the evening)

But, when we talk about a specific morning, afternoon, or when we describe the part of the day it should be used with on:

on the morning of ,

You can"t say "I will see you on the morning" - it"s incorrect.

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here"s the proof:

In or on?

We use in with morning, afternoon, evening & night, but we use on when we talk about a specific morning, afternoon, etc., or when we describe the part of the day.

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