Understanding the difficulties that the whole world is facing during the epidemic season, in addition to lớn translating the entire form of learning into Online, backlinks.vn Global has launched backlinks.vn Lighter study promotion fund for 160 centers around the world. gender, supporting tuition for young people who are passionate about the fields of Filmmaking, Techniques và Animation.

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backlinks.vn Animation & Animation Academy (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics) is the leading Media và Entertainment training brvà of Aptech - a global learning solutions provider since 1986.

Stemming from the belief in a future generation of young people can use education to lớn create a better world and the interest và sharing of backlinks.vn with parents about the income influence during the Covid-19 season. backlinks.vn Lighter Study Encouragement Fund was launched to provide financial tư vấn for young people who are passionate about film, visual effects & animation. With this program, you will be supported up khổng lồ 35% of intensive sầu và intensive courses from 12 khổng lồ 24 months.


How to lớn join the backlinks.vn LIGHTER study promotion fund:

Step 1: Learn about the craft of film, animation & television thiết kế through the trang web www.backlinks.vn.

Step 2: Sign up for an online consultation with the backlinks.vn Training Department specialists. Please tin nhắn to or fanpage facebook backlinks.vn Vietnam.

Step 3: Get started with the extremely interesting Cinegraphy chạy thử that helps khổng lồ wake up creativity, knowledge about the film field and how you feel about film scripts.

Step 4: Interview online đơn with teachers of backlinks.vn Academy. In the interview, you will identify the appropriate field of study & what you need lớn prepare before studying.

Step 5: Get results and embark on a future learning path with the backlinks.vn Lighter Study Encouragement Fund.

The khung of participation is now completely không tính tiền and applies khổng lồ young people of all ages who nội dung the same passion for visual effects, 3 chiều animation & television kiến thiết.

backlinks.vn Academy successfully implemented online learning thanks to lớn the rigorous và scientific program

In the context of complicated và changing epidemics, avoiding affecting the learning of young people, backlinks.vn Academy has tried to combine many different methods & forms of learning such as online learning, E- learning vivid AR / VR book và Onlinevarsity electronic library with thousands of great titles in the industry. Each session, you will have Mentor tư vấn khổng lồ understvà and easy to practice.

The entire curriculum at backlinks.vn is certified by the IVAC research group (International VFX và Animation Council). It is home page khổng lồ the top animation & animation experts from around the world. The program follows the practice of the entertainment industry và the standards of the world"s leading animation studgame ios, making it easy for backlinks.vn students khổng lồ apply & listen to the working environment of these organizations.

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In addition, with the desire to lớn build a modern system of facilities khổng lồ tư vấn students" learning, backlinks.vn Academy has equipped with powerful computer equipment for film production và Marvel room. Professional studio.

A one-hour practice lesson in the Studio room of the backlinks.vn students.

Not only that, students participated in many professional events such as backlinks.vn Expert Talk, backlinks.vn Worksiêu thị, backlinks.vn Case Study in the khung of offline and now online with many interesting and useful topics. 3 chiều Animation, VFX, Broadcast Design complement your knowledge during the Covid-19 season.

The story of backlinks.vn Hero

backlinks.vn Hero is the proud name that backlinks.vn has called you khổng lồ win the Academy scholarships through the selection rounds. The backlinks.vn Heroes have sầu shown their intense dreams and passion for filmmaking with clear goals, knowing what they want, understanding & listening to lớn themselves.

The first story about backlinks.vn Hero is Psay mê Kkhô hanh Uyen. Uyen has an endless passion for Animation, since she was young, she always wanted lớn make her own animated film. When growing up, Uyen struggled with the expectations of people around & chose for themselves the Japanese language & then Information Technology. Although the study results are very good, Uyen still wonders if this is her true love?

Uyen happened lớn be able khổng lồ watch the animated film "Na Tra: Ma dong gia muong". From content, graphics to the techniques used in the movie, she keeps following her. Uyen rushed khổng lồ find out more about the crew, production processes và the story behind the film ... About director Gao Gao, he bravely took a turn lớn pursue his passion despite graduating at Y. "He can vì chưng it", Uyen thought.

When backlinks.vn Academy was discovered, Uyen seemed to lớn be leading the way. There is everything you want to be able khổng lồ become the most complete animator. Once again backlinks.vn adds motivation and confidence lớn make you determined to pursue this path. Uyên intends khổng lồ tell everyone after she succeeds. However, if you want to lớn learn financially, you decide khổng lồ confide in your mother. And perhaps, our little girl will never forget her saying: "It is fortunate that I said this khổng lồ you, or else I will continue khổng lồ swim in the wrong direction." - Uyên ổn burst into emotion và was extremely grateful khổng lồ her mother for supporting this decision.

"Director Gao Gao, he has the courage lớn turn & pursue his passion even though he graduated from medical school. He can vày it, I can vì chưng it" - Uyen thought.

In addition khổng lồ the backlinks.vn Lighter Study Encouragement Fund, which reduced 35% of tuition for courses at backlinks.vn during the Covid-19 season, the Academy also cooperates with banks implementing the 0% Installment Education Credit Program. Students can borrow a ngân hàng lớn pay their monthly tuition at an interest rate of 0%.

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Each month, you only need lớn pay 2.9 million VND to attkết thúc 12 - 24 month intensive sầu and intensive courses at backlinks.vn on Film Techniques - 3D Animation và Television Design.