The same tools và more that Open Site Explorer provided — poweredby a completely new, fresh, và robust live sầu links index.

See the liên kết lớn any site

Understand why your page or your website is ranking where it is in tìm kiếm results by reviewing & monitoring inbound liên kết.

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Research competitor backlinks

Compare the makeup of your competitors’ links profiles and see where they"re earning their links and how.


Find broken links to lớn your site

Maintain links equity và traffic from the unique backlinks you’ve sầu earned by easily finding & fixing broken liên kết to your site.


Chechồng the Spam Score of backlinks

Decrease the number of spammy link pointing to lớn your site and increase unique links.


Discover links building opportunities

Find out who’s linking khổng lồ your competitors (but not khổng lồ you) with Link Intersect.

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Research top-performing content

See which nội dung và top pages outpersize the others – plus, retìm kiếm your competitors.

See new and lost links

Monitor when your content is gaining or losing links. Discover the most recent link by date.

Analyze anchor text

See how sites are linking to you with the full neo văn bản data for every link, URL, và domain name.

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Domain Authority checker

Check success metrics including Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Spam Score, and complete liên kết counts lớn any site.

Link Explorer is instrumental in our audits for prospective clients, & Page Authority and Domain Authority communicate liên kết metrics & site strength in a clear fashion for our prospects. Other link products are not as clear.
Part of the most trusted SEO analytics platkhung Propel your search strategy with competitive intelligence, ROI-improving insights, và a complete view of your organic tìm kiếm performance.