National Economics University

NEU -Leading National University of Vietnam

National Economics University (NEU) is a leading national university in Vietnam giới in the fields of economics and management in the North of Vietphái nam.

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My university is to train economic experts for the country at undergraduate and graduate degrees. My school is also a center for intensive sầu economic research, macro policy advice for the state of Vietnam giới, transfer và management and management giải pháp công nghệ consulting.

Many leaders as well as businessman have learned in NEU

Nowadays, the current Prime Minister of Vietphái nam – Nguyen Xuan Phuc used khổng lồ a student of my university as well as many other business men & high- leaders of the nation.


President Nguyen Xuan Phuc is a NEU er.


USD billionaire has learned here.

For example, the USD billionaire owner of Hoa Phat Group – An top leading construction group of Vietnam is also a student of my university.



The Visit of Ms. Christine Lagarde - CEO of IMF

Ms. Christine Lagarde, CEO of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) visited và had a talk with students of National Economics University. This is the only place in Vietnam where she visits and talks about the current economic issues of concern such as the global economic context & its implications for young people for contributing khổng lồ the development of the Vietnamese economy...

This is the official trang web of my university as well as address liên hệ.

In case your guys have sầu any questions, you tìm kiếm for information from this website.



The main lecture building - A2 of my univeristy.

Genernal information

The National Economics University has exchanges, retìm kiếm & training cooperation with famous universities & retìm kiếm institutes and international organizations from such countries as Russia, Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Bulgaria, Polvà, the Czech Republic & Slovacơ, the United Kingdom, France, USA, nước Australia, nhật bản, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Canadomain authority, South Korea, Vương Quốc Nụ Cười... Especially, và international organizations such as Sida (Sweden), UNFPA, CIDA (Canada), JICA (Japan), Netherlands Government, ODA (United Kingdom), UNDP, World Bank, Ford Foundation (USA), Hanns Seidel Foundation (Germany)... to organize research, develop training curriculum và open Master"s courses in economics, management, business administration & fostering courses. On the market economy time, the University also has a relationship with many foreign companies in training, research and scholarships for students.

The Level of Internationalization

There is some general information about National Economics University, although it is a big school in Vietnam. However, the level of internationalization of my school is still very low.As far as I know, mostly international students go lớn my university lớn exchange from less developed countries like Laos, Cambodia and some African countries.

Erasmus project with European University.

However, I am also happy that my university và the European Erasmus Committee have co-founded the Impakt Erasmus project and that is why I was fortunate lớn be selected to lớn attkết thúc two semesters of Erasmus at Universitat Rovira I Virgili in Spain.


I have sầu done 2 semester of Erasmus exchange in Spain by joining Impakt -Erasmus Project co-founded by NEU và Erasmus Comittee of Europe.

Many of my European friends first were very surprised as they thought that Erasmus was mostly for European students but Erasmus also have sầu many international projects.

If the international Erasmus students want to exchange in Asian countries, you can choose to lớn exchange at my university.

As a large university with nearly 25, 000 students per year, my university has many faculties; here is my school"s danh mục of faculties.

Faculties of NEU

Khoa Bất cồn sản với kinh tế tài nguyênKhoa Du lịch và khách sạnKhoa Đầu tưKhoa Giáo dục quốc phòngKhoa Giáo dục thể chấtKhoa Kế hoạch và vạc triểnKhoa Khoa học tập quản lýKhoa Bảo hiểmKhoa Kinch tế họcKhoa Môi trường và đô thịKhoa Kinh tế cùng quản lý mối cung cấp nhân lựcKhoa Lý luận chính trịKhoa LuậtKhoa MarketingKhoa Ngoại ngữ gớm tếKhoa Tại chứcKhoa Thống kêKhoa Tin học gớm tếKhoa Tân oán ghê tếKhoa Khoa học thứ tínhCác việnViện Công nghệ thông báo khiếp tếViện Chính sách công với quản lýViện Dân số với các vấn đề xã hộiViện nghiên cứu Kinc tế cùng Phát triểnViện Quản lý châu Á - Tỉnh Thái Bình DươngViện Quản trị Kinch doanhViện Đào sinh sản Sau đại họcViện Đào chế tác quốc tếViện Ngân hàng-Tài chínhViện Kế toán-Kiểm toánViện Thương thơm mại và Kinh tế quốc tế

in translation as:

Faculty of Real Estate & Resource EconomicsFaculty of Tourism and HospitalityDepartment of InvestmentFaculty of Defense EducationFaculty of Physical EducationFaculty of Planning và DevelopmentFaculty of Management ScienceInsurance DepartmentFaculty of EconomicsDepartment of Environment and UrbanFaculty of Economics và Human Resource ManagementFaculty of Political TheoryFaculty of LawMarketing DepartmentFaculty of Foreign Languages EconomicsIn-Service FacultyStatistics DepartmentFaculty of Economic InformaticsDepartment of Economic MathematicsFaculty of Computer ScienceInstitutes Institute of Economic Information TechnologyInstitute for Public Policy & ManagementInstitute for Population & Social IssuesInstitute for Economic Research and DevelopmentInstitute of Management Asia-PacificInstitute of Business AdministrationPostgraduate Training InstituteInternational Training InstituteInstitute of Banking-FinanceInstitute of Accounting-AuditingInstitute of Commerce và International Economics

Training Courses of NEU

Because many of these faculties teach their universities, they also train many economic sectors. Below is a list of the professions that the school has trained.EconomicsBusiness managementBanking - FinanceInsurance businessAccounting majorEconomic Information Systems SectorFaculty of LawComputer ScienceHuman Resource ManagementEconomic Statistics DepartmentMarketing industryApplied Mathematics in EconomicsSector Resource EconomicsHospitality Management và Travel ServicesReal estate industryEnglish Language IndustryBusiness Administration in English (E-BBA)Application-oriented programs (POHE)Agricultural EconomicsInformation Management Information SystemIndustry Business tradeInternational EconomicsInternational BusinessPublic Management and Policy Studies in English (E-PMP)

I have sầu lớn tell people that this is just the basic training, in addition khổng lồ the school has advanced programs, high quality programs and Pohe programs.

For example, when I was studying in Tarragomãng cầu, many friends said that my English level was very good as well as my pronunciation. Many even asked me whether English was the second language of Vietphái mạnh.

Of course, I would answer:

No, in Vietnam, most people bởi vì not speak English.

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The reason for many good English màn chơi is that I have sầu been studying English for many years as well as I am a student of Advanced Program.

My course at NEU - AEPhường. (learning in English)

What is Advanced Educational Program (AEP) in NEU (National Economics University)?

First, as far as I know the Advanced Program is implemented under the National Project, chaired by the Ministry of Education và Training, implemented at the National Economics University of Vietphái mạnh.The Advanced Program offers two specializations, majoring in finance và accounting.The program is taught & taught in English, by công nghệ và curriculum at the prestigious University of California, Long Beach, USA (CSULB). There are professors from CSULB, professors from some prestigious universities in the world & the National Economics University; advanced training methods and modern teaching equipment.We are granted, borrowed the entire curriculum from abroad và study in 100% in English.As my bachelor"s degree in Finance and Accounting, it is mastered in basic, systematic and modern knowledge under the world"s advanced training program in economics, social sciences, business administration và finance. The bank itself; Ability khổng lồ analyze, research, policy formulation & solve professional issues in the field of Finance; Ability lớn use fluent English in communication and professional work.

Specific objectives: Understanding Modern và Advanced knowledge in Finance; Have sầu communication skills in English through the opportunity to lớn study, exchange & exchange with foreign lecturers and Vietnamese lecturers who are trained abroad from abroad và exchange with students in the program; Have sầu soft skills to adapt well to different business culture environments, have a firm stance of mind, good business sense & ethics, good health to lớn take good care of assigned tasks.; Computer skills, English: Fluency in English và computer skills in communication and work; Workplace after graduation: Central or local banking and finance institutions, universities, retìm kiếm institutes, international banking và financial

The highlight of the program, I will just menu out some here for your reference.

Study environment: All academic subjects in English with a team of prestigious lecturers from the University of California Long Beach và prestigious lecturers at the National Economics University.Practical business operations and soft skills training: Every student can go to lớn corporate practice và soft skills trainingFacilities: Students are studying in the best lecture hall of the National Economics University.In addition: Specific activities khổng lồ promote students" talents such as the annual AEP Cup, girl condemo, GYC, AEPhường. Managezine, volunteer work, professional competitions organized by CFA, CPA co-ordinated for student center students, and other competitions organized by LC Center.


In addition khổng lồ the advanced English program that I am studying, NEU students can choose lớn study under the program of high quality implemented at the National Economics University from 2010. Currently, Chapter High chất lượng education has 6 majors: Auditing, Banking, Investment, International Business, Corporate Governance & Marketing Management.The program is taught và taught in both Vietnamese and English. Courses taught and taught in English hóa trang 30% of the total course. The High Quality Program is built on the basis of giải pháp công nghệ transfer from the Advanced Program & some prestigious universities around the world.The program applies advanced training methods và modern teaching equipment. Students are provided miễn phí tuition for specialized subjects taught in English. Students are studying in the most modern lecture hall of the University.Moreover, there is another school program that I see international students can also attover. That is all.


As far as I know, this program Professional-Oriented Higher Education (POHE) under the Vietnam-Netherlands Higher Education Project, was started at the beginning of the goal of enhancing the professional capađô thị of students by developing chapters. The training is designed to lớn take the labor market needs inlớn trương mục. This project has the main objective sầu of implementing the "social needs training" policy of the Ministry of Education & Training (MOET) & formulating the policy on the training Model. Application, direction.The POHE program at the National Economics University is composed of seven disciplines: Tourism Management and Travel Management (Hospitality Management), Hospitality Management (Hospitality Management) Marketing (Marketing Communications), Economic Statistics (Socio-Economic Statistics), Business Administration (Business Administration), Law (Law Business) và Applied Mathematics in Economics (majoring in Financial Mathematics).

Academic Cooperation Program with the University of California, San Bernardino, USA (2 + 2)

Lastly, I would like lớn recommkết thúc the Academic Cooperation Program with the University of California, San Bernardino, USA (2 + 2). $ 5000 per semester so I did not attover because my family was not rich. However, I will still recommend this program khổng lồ you.Cooperative sầu Training Program (2 + 2) at National Economics University is a joint university training program between the National Economics University & the University of California, San Bernardino, USA.. The whole curriculum for 4 years; 2 years at the National Economics University và 2 years at the University of California, San Bernardino.Education: Management (with many majors such as Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management etc. )Curriculum-Framed Curriculum at the University of California, San Bernardino, USA & has been accredited by the American AACSB.A regular college degree issued by the University of California, San Bernardino, USA.The environment of learning modern, ideal, chất lượng international standards, conditions to promote dynamism, confidence, creativity.Next I will introduce you khổng lồ the campus.

NEU Campus

At first I had to lớn go to lớn the A2 building.

After more than 3 years, I went lớn university & waited for lecture A2, National Economics University (Hanoi) with modern French architecture, finally put to lớn use in the eagerly eyes of us.

Our students gọi this a century building, because although it was started in late 2003 with a floor area of 96, 000 square meters, officially, September 2017, after 14, the "Century Building" - A2 Hall name - basically completed and put into use in the new school year 2017-2018.

The 10-storey building has 147 function rooms including classrooms, doctoral dissertation room, master room, group room... & 6 elevators.


According to lớn the architect of the building, France is one of the best universities in the world, and the school is also orienting itself lớn education in the West. That is why the school decided lớn build a lecture hall in modern French architecture, designed by the architects from this country, creating new and chất lượng environment for students to lớn study.



The building is covered in White và red khổng lồ help shine at all angles but still have interesting highlights.



Conference rooms are beautifully located on the first floor.



The classrooms have computers for teachers, projectors, sound, air conditioning. The modern LED system runs along the hallway.

These parts will be installed in the near future.

Neu-er will be using không tính tiền Wi-Fi covered in & out of the building. The system of cell phone signal, camera system monitoring each classroom is also equipped.

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Space with a huge system of "sky wells" contributes to creating airy, comprehensive for the whole structure. It is expected that the "sky well" will be utilized by solar cells.