Lakukan panggilan konferensi di skype dengan sekali klik


When you sign in khổng lồ chat services like Zalo, Facebook, Skype will display online status for your friends khổng lồ know. So we can easily tương tác each other lớn chat. However, displaying online status right after login sometimes causes you lớn be bothered, when continuously receiving chat messages from others. To limit the message sent when you are online is very simple, just switch baông chồng to lớn offline mode.

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Some applications now also have options khổng lồ help you hide, such as hiding Facebook when online or hidden Instagram to switch to offline status. With Skype khổng lồ turn off niông chồng as soon as online is very simple, you can hide with all your friends menu, or hide your nick with 1 person. The following article will guide you how khổng lồ hide Skype niông chồng.

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Offline Skype trương mục guide

Step 1:

We log in lớn a regular Skype account. Default Skype account is left in online mode with a light green circle icon.


Step 2:

We cliông chồng on the blue circle icon to display the menu of active sầu status options for Skype. Here the user switches to lớn Invisible status to hide active status for everyone in your friends danh sách.


Then your Skype trương mục will turn off the light and turn dark as shown below.

You note the mode Do not disturb the disturbing will only turn off the new Skype message notification only, not hide the Skype niông xã completely.


Step 3:

If you want khổng lồ hide Skype niông xã with 1 person , you will block that Skype account so they don"t know you online và can"t send Skype messages khổng lồ you. Whether you bloông chồng someone in Skype will not show them notifications.

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We cliông chồng on the name of the Skype tài khoản we want to lớn blochồng. When displaying the information interface on that trương mục, click on Bloông chồng contact .


Then we will be asked if we want lớn bloông xã this tài khoản, cliông xã Block to lớn agree. After successfully blocking that tài khoản it is no longer displayed in your friends menu.


Step 4:

To cancel blocking others we click on the 3 dots icon select Settings .


In the new interface, users clichồng on the Contacts group & then clichồng on the Blocked contacts to lớn see which Skype accounts you have sầu blocked.


Cliông xã the Uncloông chồng button khổng lồ unbloông chồng the Skype trương mục.

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The Skype operations are very simple, we just need khổng lồ switch baông xã lớn Invisible state. Nobody will know when you are online to skết thúc a disturbing message.