14 Best Wordpress Social Media Plugins For Sharing And Engagement


Social media is an integral part of any online or offline business today. Ignoring it would mean losing out on attracting a broad audience who could turn out lớn be repeat customers.

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To promote your trang web & build a following online, you’d need a WordPress social truyền thông media plugin. These plugins integrate social media functionality inkhổng lồ your site that allows visitors lớn tóm tắt your content with others in their network.


But with the many WordPress social mô tả plugins available online today, it’s often hard khổng lồ know the plugin to choose.

WordPress Social Share Plugins

To help you, we’ve sầu created this article khổng lồ show you 26 of the best premium và không tính phí social truyền thông plugins you can use for your WordPress site.

Best Premium Social Media Plugins for WordPress

1. Revive Social


Revive sầu Social is a well-known plugin that’ll help to lớn guide constant traffic khổng lồ the older posts on your backlinks.vn. With this plugin, you can completely automate the process of scheduling & sharing your old posts right from your WordPress dashboard.

Revive sầu Social helps you save time by automatically sharing your old content on social truyền thông. You can nội dung any nội dung on your site, be it a post, page, or even the custom post types.

The Revive sầu Old Posts plugin can add hashtags automatically from the category or tags. The best part is that you will have total control, và you don"t have khổng lồ leave your site lớn bởi any of this.

As you keep on adding new posts to your sites, the earlier posts go out of the homepage, thus reducing the number of clicks & traffic to lớn those posts. If you re-mô tả them on social truyền thông sites, it will bring new life lớn those posts & help you drive new traffic.

You can also cốt truyện your old posts as often as you want to lớn make sure that you don"t miss out on any users based on different time zones.

You can use the URL shortening features you use for sharing with the Google Analytics account and traông chồng the popularity of your posts & the number of clicks you receive.

The plugin works with popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, & so on.

2. Spotlight


If you’re looking for a plugin to lớn help display your Instagram photos on your site, consider Spotlight.

With this plugin, you can add a live interactive pReview of your Instagram feed without typing a single line of code. Spotlight is fully responsive sầu & will adapt the gallery for any device a visitor may be using.

The plugin is highly customizable — it pulls your theme’s phông style & allows you to make over 40 customizations (such as the number of posts, padding kích thước, layout, button styles, & background color).

Spotlight PRO unlocks several additional features. One helpful feature is the ability lớn display tagged posts or hashtag posts from all over Instagram. Another feature of PRO is the ability lớn filter and moderate posts. This comes in handy if you want lớn hide specific posts from your feed based on the caption or hashtag — or if you want to curate posts on your feed manually.

The biggest differentiator of PRO is the Promote feature that lets you links specific photos lớn backlinks.vn posts, products, pages, or any custom URL. This allows you to drive sầu conversions directly from the embedded feed.

3. Monarch Social Sharing Plugin


Monarch by ElegentThemes is another social media plugin for WordPress that deserves your attention. It comes with over 30 social sharing networks lớn display on your website. You may add and arrange any number of available networks as you wish.

Your social sharing buttons’ placement can make a massive difference in your social truyền thông promotion effectiveness. Monarch offers you a large selection of locations you can choose to lớn place the sharing buttons.

Another fantastic feature of Monarch is the image sharing option. You"d typically need a different WordPress plugin khổng lồ giới thiệu media files on social networks, but Monarch can bởi that job for you as well.

Monarch also allows you to customize the sharing button as well as display nói qua counts.

4. Social Warfare


Social Warfare is a fully responsive WordPress social sharing plugin. This plugin offers beautiful & highly customizable social sharing buttons for your site. This plugin helps you create in-post tweetable quotes that make it super easy for the users lớn giới thiệu your custom messages.

It also offers you an option to upload Pinterest-specific images và descriptions lớn help any backlinks.vn drive sầu traffic from the popular image-sharing platkhung. It comes with a widget that’ll help you showcase the most popular nội dung on your site, depending on the number of social shares.

This plugin also gives you a comprehensive sầu analysis of the social data; it automatically adds UTM tracking to lớn every shared links so you can see how your social shares are performing.

Social Warfare is fast-loading và won’t slow down your site.

5. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress


Easy Social Share Buttons is a comprehensive solution for social media integration for WordPress.

The plugin provides options and features lớn play around with and the ability lớn design your social sharing buttons as you lượt thích.

For example, you can choose where và how you want to lớn display the social sharing buttons, the kiến thiết of the icons, switching on or off social counters, and so on.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress also come with a widget you can place in the sidebar or anywhere you want with the shortcode khổng lồ display your profiles and the count of fans following them.

6. ARSocial


ARSocial is a complete social truyền thông plugin that’ll fulfill all your requirements as far as social media integration on your site is concerned. This plugin offers features lượt thích social sharing, social media người counter, social locker, etc.

This plugin supports over 42 different social truyền thông sites. It offers you sitewide as well as section-wide placement of the social sharing buttons khổng lồ maximize the conversion.

It supports an automatic display of social truyền thông media buttons at specific locations. The nội dung locker feature is another highlight of the plugin that helps boost conversions.

ARSocial offers you styling options so that you can change the kiến thiết of your buttons according to your needs. You also have a built-in analytics feature that helps you know well your social sharing is performing.

7. Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin


Social Share và Locker Pro WordPress is a comprehensive sầu solution for promoting your content on social truyền thông media sites. The plugin helps you phối your social icons exactly in the right place with just a few clicks.

You can also lochồng your content, allowing it to be unlocked only after visitors nói qua the nội dung on social truyền thông.

The plugin comes with ten predefined themes that are retina-ready & built with CSS3 và the best fonts in the world.

8. AX Social Stream


AX Social Stream is a similar plugin lớn the social stream plugin mentioned above. It enables users to lớn combine all of their social networking activities into one social stream và display it on their trang web.

The plugin supports 14 (và growing) social networks and includes about 29 feed options. Your visitors will be able khổng lồ chia sẻ your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Linkedin from your website.

9. Instagram Theatre


If you’re active on Instagram, the Instagram Theatre plugin offers one of the best ways lớn integrate the popular platform with WordPress. With this plugin, you can easily pull photos from your Instagram tài khoản & display them on your website in an eye-catching manner.

The plugin is fully responsive sầu, so your photos will look great on all kinds of devices — whether visitors browse with their Mobile devices, PCs, or tablets.

You also get lớn choose different modes to lớn display your photos, such as Fullscreen Layout Mode, Thumbnail Layout Mode, List Layout Mode, Instagram Feed Mode, Tag Instagram Feed Mode, User Instagram Feed Mode, and a lot more.

As far as the customization possibilities are concerned, you can change the view or add filters khổng lồ the pictures khổng lồ enhance the user experience.

10. Social Stream for WordPress


As a super amazing social truyền thông media plugin for WordPress, the Social Stream plugin helps you showcase essential social media activities in chất lượng designs & layouts.

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Smart caching with the server allows you to lớn deliver content fast without long page loading times, especially when many networks are pulled or have sầu significant traffic on your site.

11. AccessPress Social Icons Pro


AccessPress Social Icons is a popular social media plugin for WordPress that allows you to lớn create beautiful icons for your social truyền thông media profiles on your site.

The icons are highly customizable as you can select icons from twelve different beautifully designed sets or choose to lớn upload your icons. You can define the ibé sizes, add several effects, add a tooltip, set margins, và so on.

12. Novashare


Novanội dung is one of the lighthử nghiệm social sharing plugins for WordPress. The plugin is also built not lớn slow down or reduce your site’s tốc độ or performance.

This premium plugin comes with many features that make its price tag worth it.

To start, you don’t need to be tech-savvy as you can install & phối the plugin up — either for desktop or Smartphone — in a few minutes.

Novacốt truyện allows you lớn create social icons from over 15 different social networks on a floating bar that also displays share counts.

You also have the option to customize the shapes, sizes, và colors of social truyền thông media icons to match your site’s branding.

13. Sumo Share


You’ve probably heard of Sumo before — especially if you’re in the eCommerce & SaaS space. Sumo, over the years, has developed many tools that help business owners make the most out of marketing. And one such tool is Sumo Share.

With Sumo Share, you can quickly create professional social truyền thông media icons that allow visitors to share your content. You can also place giới thiệu buttons on your images that visitors can save as a Pinterest pin or on Facebook.

Sumo Share pushes the inhỏ with the most nội dung counts above sầu the rest khổng lồ ensure your content or images get the most reach.

Best Free Social Media Plugins for WordPress

1. Mashshare


If you are looking for a modern, social truyền thông sharing plugin for WordPress, Mashcốt truyện is an excellent option for you. This plugin is created in Mashable"s (one of the most widely read online publications) social sharing style.

Although this is a không lấy phí plugin, it’s highly customizable & looks very attractive sầu. There are very few free plugins like Mashcốt truyện that offer modern designs & fantastic features you would expect from a premium plugin.

It can display the nội dung count alongside the giới thiệu buttons, which will act as social proof khổng lồ establish your br&. Other features of the plugin include the most shared posts widget, async mô tả count aggregation, a dashboard for total chia sẻ count on the posts screen, và short URL integration.

2. backlinks.vn2Social


backlinks.vn2Social is another very effective sầu không lấy phí social media plugin. With this plugin, you can automate the social media sharing process. You don’t always have to lớn be online as you can schedule & publish backlinks.vn posts automatically và individually lớn all your social truyền thông networks.

With backlinks.vn2Social, you can publish your nội dung to lớn profiles, business pages, community pages, and groups of your mix social media networks. You can define the type of nội dung and create a backliên kết to the post so that you can drive sầu traffic lớn your site.

This plugin supports all the top social truyền thông sites, và it will save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend manually sharing backlinks.vn posts.

3. Ultimate Social Media Icons PLUS


A comparatively new social sharing button plugin for WordPress, this plugin can help you add more than 200 social media platforms to your site, as well as adding your custom social truyền thông media icons too.

You can place the social sharing icons above or below the posts, & you can also show the icons next to the post on the homepage. It offers sixteen different designs of social icons lớn select from; you can also set custom animation for the social icons and a sharing counter.

4. Jetpachồng Social Sharing


If you are using WordPress, you’ve probably already come across the Jetpack plugin. This single plugin can vị many things for your site, and social truyền thông sharing is one of them.

Jetpachồng offers beautiful minimadanh mục social sharing buttons that are widely used & look professional.

You can use this social sharing plugin once you activate và connect your WordPress account to Jetpack.

5. Cliông chồng To Tweet


This is an exciting & widely used social sharing plugin on WordPress.

One reason why it’s popular is its ease khổng lồ use. This plugin creates custom tweetable content inside your post toàn thân so that your user can just cliông chồng the button và giới thiệu the message that they want to lớn nói qua.

6. Share Buttons by AddToAny


Another interesting miễn phí WordPress plugin for social integration is Share Buttons. This plugin exposes your site to over 100 social networking & bookmarking sites that help your site generate a ton of traffic.

With this plugin, you can add quality và customizable social cốt truyện buttons in different orientations lượt thích vertical & horizontal.

7. Social9


A professional-looking, miễn phí social truyền thông plugin for WordPress, Social9 adds a social sharing widget on your homepage, posts, feeds, nội dung pages, etc.

Social9 also offers different nội dung button placement. You can choose whether you want an inline, popup, or a floating sidebar tóm tắt button.

8. Grow Social by Mediavine


Formerly known as Social Pug, Grow by Mediavine is a simple social sharing plugin that integrates with websites smoothly to lớn increase your content’s engagement.

You can customize the mô tả button’s color, size, và labels. You can also choose where you want khổng lồ place the social giới thiệu buttons on your site — whether before or after your content or lớn make it a floating bar that follows readers around the page.

9. Shareaholic


With hundreds of 5-Star ratings and thousands of active installs, Shareaholic remains one of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress.

Shareaholic is a suite of site engagement tools that include the Share Buttons.

These Share Buttons are lightweight & make it easy for readers to lớn giới thiệu posts they like with their friends or online community.

The plugin supports Google Analytics integration và comes with tóm tắt counters that work for over đôi mươi social truyền thông networks.

10. Social Snap


With an easy-to-use interface & intuitive sầu kiến thiết, Social Snap takes social sharing to a whole new cấp độ.

In less than 5 minutes, you’d be able to lớn tải về & install Social Snap, whether you’re a pro or an amateur at using social nội dung buttons.

You have sầu different placement options with Social Snap. You can display your social chia sẻ buttons as a floating sidebar, shortcode, or template tags within your WordPress theme.

11. Sassy Social Share


With less than 1 megabyte (MB) in form size, Sassy Social Share is one of the lighdemo WordPress plugins for social sharing. However, the plugin’s lightweight doesn’t reduce its functionalities — instead, they add to lớn it.

For instance, its weight makes it not a burden on servers và allows your website to lớn load as fast as possible.

Also, with SaaSy Social Share, you can give your readers access khổng lồ tóm tắt your nội dung khổng lồ over 100 social sharing or bookmarking services.

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You can also make many customizations to the look & feel of the social sharing button you place on your site. You can change the cốt truyện icon’s kích cỡ, shape, background, & biểu tượng logo color.