Filming in vietnam: production services & fixer in vietnam


Vietnam is a fast-emerging nation in the ASEAN region và a film production company destination with great potential. This country has a highly-connected, tech-savvy population, modern infrastructure & amenities, and dynamic native sầu production industry.

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Vietnam giới is a fast-emerging nation in the ASEAN region and a film production company destination with great potential. This country has a highly-connected, tech-savvy population, modern infrastructure và amenities, và dynamic native production industry. Productions from major global economies such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Trung Quốc, & Europe regularly set up the tripods in Vietphái mạnh. From feature films to lớn streaming series & television commercials, this country has something lớn offer projects of all sizes & budgets.

Vietphái nam is blessed with boundless splendor and natural beauty.
Morgan and Preston are very familiar with the terrain of Vietphái nam và possess a decade of experience producing here. In this article, we’ll detail some of Vietnam’s features for filmmakers that make this country so special. This will include production services, locations, crew & gear, và post-production services. If you have sầu any questions, reach out lớn us at any time. You can fill out the contact khung, Hotline, or gmail. We respond promptly lớn inquiries or budget requests. Read on lớn learn more about film production company services in lovely Vietnam!
Morgan & Preston offer complete local production services in Vietphái nam & any Asia Pacific nation.
Film production services in Vietnam can cover all aspects of the production process. This begins in pre-production & moves through principal photography và inkhổng lồ post-production. Some other important key aspects of the production process include transportation, logistics, dining/catering, và lodging for crew members và talent. An experienced Vietphái nam film production company such as Morgan & Preston will be able to lớn fulfill all these needs. Vietphái mạnh has ample lodging and transportation options, including hotels at every budget tier. As far as transportation is concerned, van services và trucks for equipment delivery are also on điện thoại tư vấn. With the right local ally in your corner, your next film shoot in Vietnam giới will shine as a career-best.
Morgan & Preston is a Vietphái mạnh film production company & production house with a decade working in this incredible nation. We are known among our discerning clientele for always going above sầu và beyond the Hotline of duty khổng lồ achieve success. That’s why we have so many returning clients, including luxury brands and multi-national corporations. From the earliest planning stages, Morgan & Preston work closely with directors và producers. We draft shot lists, storyboards, scripts, and itemized budgets. We also pay cthất bại attention lớn the director’s creative vision, ensuring that every resource at our disposal is mobilized in tư vấn of the cinematic craft. For these reasons & more, Morgan and Preston remain your key Vietnam giới production company allies in the Asia Pacific region.
Beaches, islands, xanh seas và more are all part of Vietnam"s charm.

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Vietphái nam has abundant film production company locations, both in the north và the south of the country. To the south is the largest thành phố in Vietphái mạnh, Ho Chi Minh, formerly known as Saigon. This hyper-modern metropolis boasts modern architecture, streamlined transportation, và a well-connected, hip young populace. In the more temperate, subtropical north of Vietnam is the capital of Hanoi. This historic city has French colonial architecture, traditional markets, & vibrant, rich cultural heritage.
Additionally, Vietphái mạnh has incredible beaches, mountains & more. Another picturesque and cinematic filming location here is Ha Long Bay, which has islands of sandstone cliffs descending inlớn pristine xanh waters. Accessibility to lớn all these locations is highly convenient & rapid, via daily connecting flights and a well-maintained highway system. Come see why Vietnam is such a wonderful location for features, TV series, and TVCs! Morgan & Preston can assist with location scouting, permitting, & location management. With Vietphái mạnh as the backdrop, the audience will be enthralled and immersed in the art and craft of cinematic storytelling.
From cameras to lớn sound gear and specialty rigs, Morgan and Preston can equip any project of any kích thước.
When Morgan và Preston work with a foreign film production company, we usually help with crew hiring & equipment rentals. It will inevitably be necessary to lớn procure certain items locally in Ho Chi Minch, such as specialty equipment. We can assist with finding the right tools for the job. Vietnam has it all, including Arri, Sony, và Red cameras. Here you can also obtain cranes, dollies, Steadicams, rigs, jibs, & aerial or underwater devices as well. And when it comes time khổng lồ hire the right crew to lớn operate all this modern gear, Vietphái mạnh again delivers. Morgan và Preston hotline on our vast network of local contacts. Our Vietnam giới network includes directors, DOPs, ADs, PAs, stunt và action coordinators, art departments, wardrobe, & SFX animators. Vietnam giới possesses a wealth of talent, with locals who are trained up lớn Western standards & who speak fluent English and/or Mandarin Chinese.
Morgan and Preston is a full-service Vietphái nam film production company và we can supportvideography productionas well. Vietnam is a wonderful destination forcorporate đoạn phim, music videos,viral kinh doanh videos,live sầu event video, và broadcast Clip. Another common type ofđoạn phim productionlớn shoot in Vietphái mạnh aresocial media videos. Since Vietphái nam is so highly-connected and web-savvy, more và more companies are tapping into lớn the power of YouTube, Instagram, & Facebook video clip. The truyền thông media ecosystem of the 21st century is rapidly changing, and it certainly pays khổng lồ keep up with the lathử nghiệm developments. Our production team at Morgan và Preston can help you craft a đoạn phim that will reach audiences far and wide through điện thoại devices và social truyền thông.
In-house and remote editing suites are where the final creative vision begins lớn take shape.

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With the right pre-production planning and successful principal photography, the only stage of the filmmaking process left is post-production. Arguably, this is where creative sầu work really starts khổng lồ show up on the screen. Film is a director’s medium, và Morgan and Preston can help you put the final flourishes on what is sure lớn be a successful production. Our post-production services include editing, color correction, special effects, practical effects, subtitles, & more. We can also assist with sound mixing, ADR, Foley, và dubbing. Furthermore, we are well-networked with the musical creative community in Vietphái mạnh so we can connect you with the best local musicians & composers. That way, the soundtrack will add the perfect dimension và depth to lớn the visual narrative.
Thanks for reading Morgan và Preston’s article on why Vietnam giới is such a great film production company location in SE Asia. We remain your preeminent local allies in this country và any Asia Pacific nation. Our production staff remains on-gọi at any time so let us know how we can tư vấn your next project. Feel không tính phí khổng lồ Hotline, email, or fill out the tương tác size, và we will respond promptly lớn questions, budget requests, or inquiries. Have a great day!