So Sánh Joomla Và Wordpress


Building your own website is easier than ever – thanks khổng lồ nội dung management systems (CMS). With these platforms, you won’t have khổng lồ write a single line of code for activities lượt thích developing content, installing a theme, & adding functionalities.

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Statistics show that WordPress is the most popular CMS in the online world today. It powers 27.8% of all sites on the web; with about 50,000 new sites being created daily. However, just because it is the most popular CMS, doesn’t mean it’s the only option.

Running cron tasks inside Drupal.

Since Drupal-powered sites rely less on plugins, they typically perkhung better – as long as they are configured correctly. The main reason for this is because they are less resource-intensive sầu.

What you might not lượt thích about Drupal

Drupal has a steep learning curve. To successfully build a “complete” trang web, you need to get your hands dirty và learn the basics of coding. Knowing your way around the CMS is also challenging for beginners.Major updates require intensive work. The tăng cấp khổng lồ Drupal 8 from Drupal 7, for example, is a complete re-thiết kế. Although nội dung can be easily carried over to lớn the newer CMS, you may need to lớn re-write some of your codes.

WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal – Which one is the best for a beginner?

David Attard at Dart Creation has recommended WordPress as the CMS for a beginner. “As a website designer who has used all three of the above sầu CMS, I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that WordPress is surely the easiest of the three.”

Joomla has been around as a CMS longer và has focused mostly around the CMS aspect of things, whilst WordPress started off as a blog which then expanded into a CMS.

Whilst WordPress has always focused on keeping things simple, with the general idea of it being used by the public, Joomla"s audience has always been a bit more technical. In fact, most Joomla beginners will complain about the steep learning curve sầu – though once you"re over that, it"s very powerful. However, for sure if you had lớn have somebody toàn thân set up a trang web quickly, without much previous knowledge, WordPress is the way lớn go.

Drupal on the other hard has always been a bit of a nibít tool for designers / developers & was always meant to lớn be used và built-upon by developers who are working on websites for their clients.

David Attard, DART Creations

Jerry Virgo, owner of Virgo Web Design mention that “All 3 can make great websites – but with the popularity of WordPress it has more theme design options which a huge benefit for beginners, so it"s easy to recommend it as a go-to for beginners.”

Of the three, Drupal is by far the worst for beginners. It"s counter-intuitive sầu user interface is difficult to use, & many tasks are best performed using the commvà line, leading to lớn a steep learning curve sầu.

WordPress has the easiest khổng lồ use interface, and is also the easiest to develop on as users become more comfortable with programming.

Joomla is somewhere in-between, as its user interface is nearly as easy khổng lồ use as WordPress, while still having a more modern architecture (MVC), however developing or modifying extensions will also have sầu a learning curve since MVC architecture is more difficult to grasp.

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Modern architecture and having an inherit development framework like Drupal & Joomla have sầu are great for developers, but beginners will have sầu fewer difficulties starting with WordPress.

Jerry Virgo, Virgo Web Design

Reed Adler at Comrade Web Agency has mentioned that their clients have chosen WordPress compare to others. “When it comes khổng lồ ease of use, our clients have sầu overwhelmingly chosen WordPress.”

As a professional website kiến thiết và development company, based in Chicago, we have been creating websites for nearly nine years. Naturally, we have experimented with a variety of platforms.

 tell us that managing their websites has never been easier . For most, the ability to lớn add, delete và modify text, photos – và even videos – gives them a sense of control over their own digital destinies.

Beginners love WordPress" intuitive features; & especially the ability granted khổng lồ roll back to previous versions saved. That way, if page “improvements” get out of hand, they can start over again with no hassle.

In contrast, Drupal presents an overabundance of options, và often confuses novice webmasters. Joomla, in an effort lớn serve up choices on a silver platter, winds up duplicating buttons & links that achieve sầu the same functionality.

Reed Adler, Comrade Web Agency

Nichồng Savov, the Director of Support at OSTraining has voted WordPress as the best CMS for an absolute beginner. “Because OSTraining is the number one training site in the world for open source CMS"s, we are in a quality position to lớn analyze these 3 CMS"s objectively.”

For an absolute beginner, WordPress is definitely the best CMS khổng lồ get started with. It"s simple & easy to use. The user interface is intutive và, once you learn the simple workflow, you"re able lớn easily manage the site.

Also, because it powers over 25% of the web, it has a big community & ecosystem. Companies & individuals have created a wide variety of products và services to lớn support you and your website.

For example, there are theme companies, WordPress specific hosting companies & training companies.

If you need a plugin khổng lồ expvà WordPress" capabilities, there are 50,000 available. The plugin tìm kiếm makes it easy to find the one you need và explore new ones.

Finally, WordPress offers excellent backward compatibility between upgrades.

For those reasons, WordPress is our top choice for absolute beginners.

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Quiông chồng Wrap

Picking a CMS is a crucial step for would-be site owners. Make sure khổng lồ dig deep to determine the right platform that will adequately match your needs.