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Whether you’re a long-term practitioner or new to the art, it can be helpful và informative to get a sense of what others get from their practice of tai chi or other Chinese Internal Arts.

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Some train for relaxation and bít tất tay reduction, some to lớn train in martial arts whilst others may be working with a combination of these và other aspects. Whatever it is that keeps you interested & stimulated it may help to inspire others lớn gain the qualities that have pleased you..

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Over the course of these pages you can get an insight lớn the many ways that these arts are taught, practised và enjoyed throughout Europa and beyond.

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Roberta Polizzi on Why I Like Tai Chi

I was 28 years old when I met Taiji & had already gone some ways. As I by chance opened that door và walked in I found everything that I ever loved or was passionate about suddenly combined! I didn’t need khổng lồ leave anything out lớn play Taiji! There was the body toàn thân, these incredibly soft movements, some fighting (I loved khổng lồ play-fight as a child:-) but then again philosophy, psychology, lots of history & a thoroughly new culture to get into…


The sea of life that ebbs and flowsTumultuousor glassy smooth

Revealed deep within the rhythm of the DaoThe sourceWithin you…. now

Joe Harte lives in Sedgefield, Co Dursi mê, UK where he has his Northern School of Taijiquan

Barrie Jehu on Why I like Tai Chi

I see my Tai Chi journey as being comparable to lớn a walk along an old country lane. This lane runs along the contours of a steep hillside and is old, with dense hedgerows on either side, & narrow. This results in you not being able khổng lồ see far, most of the time being limited to lớn the immediate vicinity with the occasional view that is immense in scope. For a lot of the time along this lane things seem boring, with only the occasional flower to lớn lighten the trip. Then you will come across a patch that is glorious in colour, or a little face peering out of the undergrowth, lớn lighten your way.



Tai Chi Sword Workshops

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