Download Tải Tik Tok Về Máy Tính


With TikTok - for Windows you can make the most of the trendiest social network full of short and viral music videos on your computer"s desktop


If you"ve never heard of TikTok, you"ve probably been living in a cave sầu over the last 12 months... or you"re over 25 years old. It"s one of the uprising social networks that have appeared on the market as of late, becoming very popular amongst teenager just like Instagram or Snapchat a few years ago.

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In any case, the fact is that TikTok - has become one of the most popular phenomemãng cầu at present, competing against the above-mentioned social networks và gaining plenty of users amongst the youngest audience.

Create short videos with music

The secret behind the success of TikTok lies mainly in its concept: we can record short videos & add music to lớn them. We can obviously also edit them with filters, effects, and merge several files into the same đoạn Clip. And once we publish them on our protệp tin, as happens on Instagram, the rest of users can phản hồi & react, as well as following us. And all the latter in a matter of seconds: in less than a minute, you"ll be able lớn record a video và publish it for all your followers.

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The following are the application"s main features:

Facial recognition for your videos.High-chất lượng recordings và đoạn phim playbacks.The most advanced công nghệ to edit our creations & apply filters & effects.Create your user protệp tin with your gmail, Googe trương mục or Facebook profile và start following other tiktokers.Huge music collection selected by the app"s editors on a daily basis.React to lớn contents created by other users & leave your comments if you wish.

How khổng lồ tải về TikTok for?

Unfortunately, there"s still no such thing as a native TikTok application for Windows 10 but if it"s ever developer we"ll be the first guys there khổng lồ offer it to lớn you. In the meantime, you can tải về this practical alternative lớn be able to use this social network on your computer"s desktop.

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Once you hit"s green Download button you"ll be able lớn get hold of a zipped tệp tin including the BlueStacks installer, the best Android emulator at present, and the application"s APK. Simply install the emulator và once you open it, load the app"s tệp tin. It will immediately be installed and you"ll be able to lớn open it, sign in, & use it just as if you were on your Android smartphone or iPhone but with the comfort of using your mouse và keyboard lớn explore & create nội dung.