Tạo video quảng cáo chất lượng


Download videos on Youtube khổng lồ your iPhone will help you watch videos anytime, anywhere without using the mạng internet, thereby saving internet costs much more than watching online continuously by 3G, 4G, và at the same time. saves % battery capathành phố on the device when the network connection is not turned on for a long period of time.

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Step 1: mở cửa Youtube tiện ích & search for videos khổng lồ download 

Step 2: In that Clip, Cliông chồng Share button --> Select  Copy links feature


Step 3: xuất hiện browser, go khổng lồ backlinks.vn

Step 4: Press and hold on search bar of backlinks.vn --> Choose Paste --> Choose Get links video bellow the search bar 


Step 5: Find MP4 tab --> Choose đoạn Clip quality --> Cliông xã Download video --> Clichồng Download 


Step 6: In the video clip is shown, click arrow icons --> Select Save lớn File Feature


Step 7: Find Folder khổng lồ save video clip on iPhone --> Clichồng Save to Download


Step 8: Download is successful, you select the down arrow icon -> Select the downloaded file name lớn start watching the đoạn phim on your phone.

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When downloading Youtube đoạn Clip lớn your phone successfully, the default đoạn phim viewing feature on the iPhone might limit you when you traông xã. You should use supported applications khổng lồ be able lớn enjoy the best nội dung in the Clip. Some of the best đoạn Clip viewing applications on iPhone include: MC Player, KMPlayer, VLC, AirPlayer, OPlayer.

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In addition lớn the feature of download Youtube videos khổng lồ the iphone, backlinks.vn also allows you khổng lồ watch Youtube videos on your iPhone without ads, support to tải về Youtube to MP3 khổng lồ your phone extremely fast, listen to Youtube music on iPhone off the screen. This will definitely be a great support tool that you should not ignore if you regularly listen lớn music, watch videos on Youtube.