Describe A Party / Describe A Party You Attended Or Joined


How can you describe an important festival for an IELTS Speaking Test?

Hello, I"m Jane at English. In today"s IELTS Speaking Test lesson, I"m going to talk about the festival of Christmas. As it is 2020, of course Christmas this year is going lớn be very different because of the coronavirut, but today I want lớn think about Christmas in more normal times!Wherever you live sầu and whichever festivals are important khổng lồ you, I wish you all the best as this difficult year comes lớn a cthất bại. Merry Christmas khổng lồ you all!

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 Read the không tính tiền IELTS lesson below carefully. If possible, read it aloud. If you are a English Subscriber please log in lớn listen to lớn the lesson và speak along with me to improve your English pronunciation.2. Study the second exercise, then try the same IELTS Speaking Test question yourself.

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So, let"s start the lesson now: 

I think the main festival in my country is Christmas, which is in late December. The main day that is celebrated in the UK is Christmas Day, on 25th December, though we also have the day off the following day, on Boxing Day, when many people visit friends và extended family.

I spent last Christmas with my family, and will also spkết thúc this one there too. We all get together at my parents’ house, because it is large enough lớn host everyone. On Christmas morning, we start preparing the meal, as it takes a long time khổng lồ cook! We put the turkey or goose in the oven, and then some of us go khổng lồ church for a Christmas mass. The rest of us stay behind lớn carry on cooking. At around midday, we gather round the Christmas tree, which is decorated with baubles, tinsel, and fairy lights và we open our presents, which are all placed under the tree the night before. After that we have sầu our Christmas dinner, which is always the same meal as it is a traditional feast.

I love sầu nearly everything about Christmas. There is a sense of anticipation and excitement in the period leading up to lớn Christmas, and then during the festival itself families & friends spover time together và most people have time off work. One thing I don’t lượt thích about Christmas is that it is very commercialised và it can be stressful getting ready for it!

This festival is important for many people, even for non-Christians. Many non-Christian people in the UK enjoy the festive sầu season without attaching any religious significance khổng lồ it. It is our only national holiday involving resting, feasting and the giving of gifts, & I think such times nurture our souls.

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This sample answer took around 2 minutes, which is the maximum time you need to lớn speak for without stopping in Part 2 of the IELTS speaking exam. Now, take a look at this week’s Audio Word Study to lớn learn some useful phrases & conversation techniques for the Christmas and New Year periods.