Thrive themes review 2021


Thrive Themes started out (way bachồng in 2014) as a WordPress themes and plugins club. However, over the years its focus has shifted away from themes và moved towards creating powerful plugins to help WordPress users generate more leads và conversions from their websites.

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If you’re an affiliate marketer, service provider, hàng hóa supplier or just a blogger who wants khổng lồ engage with your audience more effectively, Thrive sầu Themes could have the tools you’re looking for.

However, these tools from Thrive Themes are now only available as a single hàng hóa called Thrive sầu Suite. Described as an all-in-one toolbox for creating WordPress websites that convert visitors into leads and customers, Thrive Suite consists of multiple plugins and a theme.

Some examples of the Thrive sầu Suite tools include a theme builder for creating custom WordPress websites, a page builder for designing chất lượng landing pages and other nội dung, và an opt-in size and pop-up builder for capturing leads. There are other tools, too, which I’ll cover in this article.

In this Thrive sầu Themes đánh giá, I’ll look at the tools that ảo diệu Thrive Suite, exploring what they’re lượt thích to use & how they work. By the over of this guide, you’ll know whether or not this is the right package for you, your trang web and your goals.

Let’s get started…

Thrive Suite Overview

Thrive sầu Suite includes multiple plugins & a fully editable WordPress theme.

Before we explore the WordPress tools that biến hóa the Thrive Suite from Thrive Themes, here’s a brief overview of each of them khổng lồ give you a quiông chồng idea of whether or not this is something that’s right for you:

As these products are all available in a single package, let’s take a quiông chồng look at the Thrive Suite pricing.

Thrive Suite Pricing

There are two options for purchasing the Thrive sầu Suite of WordPress tools:

Quarterly: $90 a quarter (equivalent lớn $30 a month).Yearly: $328 a year (equivalent lớn $19 a month).

As you can see, if you choose to lớn pay for a year upfront, you’ll get better value than paying quarterly. If you’re worried about paying for a year in advance before you’ve sầu tried the products, there is a 30-day full money-baông chồng guarantee.

Both payment options let you use the products on 25 websites, and, aside from the price, there’s no difference between them.

If you decide not to lớn renew your subscription, you can still continue to use the products. However, you’ll no longer get access to lớn tư vấn, updates or the premium templates.

Now we’ve covered the pricing, let’s explore Thrive Suite products in more detail, starting with the flagship Theme Builder.

Thrive Theme Builder & Shapeshift

To start using any of the Thrive Themes products, you first need to install the Thrive sầu Themes Product Manager plugin on your WordPress trang web. After that, you can activate the Thrive Suite products from inside your WordPress dashboard.

You can activate the theme & plugins via the Thrive Product Manager.

Once you activate Thrive sầu Theme Builder, the Shapeshift theme will be installed & activated on your website as well.

As all of the Thrive Theme Builder functionality is incorporated into lớn this theme, you can’t use this tool with any other WordPress theme.

However, if you’ve sầu already chosen a theme for your trang web, you can still use other Thrive Suite tools, such as the Thrive Architect page builder tool, khổng lồ enhance your website — you just won’t get as much control over the entirety of your site (the header, footer and theme templates) unless you install Thrive sầu Theme Builder.

Full WordPress Website Editing
Thrive Theme Builder gives you full control over the kiến thiết of your site.

The main difference between the Thrive sầu Theme Builder and Thrive Architect — & many other WordPress page builder plugins for that matter — is that the former lets you customize every aspect of your trang web, & not just the post & page content areas.

The header and footer, as well as the post and page templates, can be edited with Thrive sầu Theme Builder & the Shapeshift theme.

Because of this, you can build a totally unique WordPress website, without the need lớn edit any code yourself.

Thrive sầu Theme Builder vs Thrive sầu Architect

To confuse things slightly, Thrive sầu Architect (the Thrive sầu Themes page builder tool) is incorporated into Thrive Theme Builder.

Therefore, if you decide khổng lồ use Thrive sầu Theme Builder, Thrive sầu Architect is also activated on your site to provide the interface and functionality needed khổng lồ customize your theme and trang web content.

However, as mentioned, you can only customize the theme areas of your site, such as the header, footer & templates, if you install and activate the Thrive sầu Theme Builder và Shapeshift theme. Thrive Architect on its own only lets you create custom post and page designs.

The Shapeshift WordPress Theme

The Shapeshift theme looks good out of the box. However, for most people, the main reason lớn choose it will be for its customization potential.

The Shapeshift WordPress theme lets you customize your entire website.

Viewing the Shapeshift test should give you a good idea of what your website could look like when using this theme with its mặc định settings. However, as the Thrive Theme Builder features give you full creative control over your website, you can make your site look exactly how you want.

Shapeshift Setup Wizard

To help you khổng lồ start work on your new site, Shapeshift has an optional helpful wizard.

By walking you through the 11 main stages of setting up a WordPress trang web, including uploading a logo, setting up the header & footer, defining the menus, & choosing the default templates for your posts & pages, you’ll be well on your way to launching your new site with this tool.

The Thrive Theme Builder wizard walks you through the main steps of setting up your trang web.

At each step of the wizard, you’re provided with options to lớn choose from, such as multiple header layouts or predefined colors. However, you can get more hands-on with the building of your site once you’ve exited the wizard.

Features such as the pre-built headers ensure the Thrive Theme Builder wizard makes it very easy to set up your site in the way you want.

The other steps in the wizard let you choose the templates that define how your single blog posts are displayed, and how the archive menu of blog posts is presented. You can also choose the mặc định template that’s used by all of your pages.

There’s a good selection of templates for displaying lists of blog posts.

Although you set the default templates for parts of your site, such as the blog posts and pages, during the wizard, you can override these at the individual post & page màn chơi. As Thrive sầu Suite comes with more than 200 premium editable templates, you get lots of options khổng lồ choose from each time you publish a new piece of nội dung on your site.

The wizard is a really good idea. In just a few steps, you can phối up your new site in the way you want, using a combination of predefined settings and purpose-built templates. Surprisingly, a wizard such as this isn’t something you see often with premium themes. Because of this, if you’re looking for a theme that’s easy lớn phối up và configure, Shapeshift is a good option.

Customizing Your WordPress Website

Once you’ve completed the wizard, you can move sầu on to lớn the other ways you can customize your trang web. This mainly covers the finer details of your site, including the color accent, the typography settings, setting the logo sản phẩm liên kết, and uploading a favinhỏ.

As mentioned, the Thrive Theme Builder customizer is powered by Thrive sầu Architect. We cover Thrive Architect in more detail in the next section of this reviews. But to give sầu you an idea of what this means, when you’re creating a new page or post, editing one of the templates, or customizing the theme areas of your site, such as the header & footer, you bởi so through an intuitive sầu drag-and-drop editor.

You use the intuitive Thrive sầu Architect interface to lớn edit your website with Thrive Theme Builder.

Thrive Theme Builder (& Thrive Architect) provide you with lots of prebuilt sections that make it easy khổng lồ customize your site. For example, if you want to change the header of a template, you can easily choose from many other header options. If necessary, you can then edit that section through the Thrive sầu Theme Builder interface.

You can also add new sections or elements lớn your pages, giving you the ability to lớn build quality designs using prebuilt content. You can then edit those sections and elements khổng lồ ensure they look exactly how you want.

If you’ve ever wanted to lớn create a custom WordPress trang web, Thrive Theme Builder is a powerful tool that makes it possible to lớn vày so.

Thrive Architect

Unlượt thích Thrive sầu Theme Builder (which is integrated inlớn the Shapeshift theme), Thrive Architect works with any WordPress theme.

Therefore, if you want to lớn add a powerful drag-and-drop page builder lớn your existing WordPress trang web, or you’ve sầu already chosen a theme for your new site, Thrive Architect is the tool from Thrive sầu Themes that would work best for you.

To get started with Thrive Architect, all you have to vì chưng is create a new post or page on your site or open an existing one và clichồng the appropriate button.

You can use Thrive Architect on any WordPress post or page.Choosing a Template

Once Thrive sầu Architect has launched, you have the option of starting with a blank page that uses the default template of your theme, or importing one of the 200+ pre-built templates from Thrive sầu Themes.

You can either start with a blank page or use one of the templates.

These templates are divided inlớn sets, which are groups of templates that work well together & cover some of the pages a conversion-focused trang web may need.

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Thrive sầu Architect comes with many editable high-chất lượng page templates.

For example, a set might include templates for the homepage, landing page, sign up confirmation page, hàng hóa promotion page và other types of sales-focused content.

The individual templates are grouped inlớn sets for building specific types of sites.

Presenting the templates as sets is helpful, because you get access to lớn multiple items in the same style. Because of this, you can quickly build a trang web with a consistent thiết kế. However, you’re miễn phí khổng lồ mix và match the templates as much as you want. As they’re all easily editable, you can adapt a template from one set khổng lồ fit in with the templates from another or match the overall style of your site.

Creating a Custom Page Design

Whether you import a template or start with a blank page, you get full creative sầu control over the appearance of your content.

To start building, you can either clichồng on an existing element, such as a block of text, an image or a button, or instead add a new element to lớn your page.

Clicking on a page element in the Thrive sầu Architect interface displays its controls in the side panel.

Once you’ve clicked on an thành phầm, its controls are automatically displayed in the sidebar. You can then start making changes via the visual inputs, such as the sliders, drop-down menus or text fields. Any changes you make are immediately applied to lớn the element, giving you real-time feedbaông chồng on your decisions.

Any changes you make via the side panel controls are instantly displayed on the page.Insert Elements and Blocks

Thrive sầu Architect comes with lots of editable elements that you can add lớn your pages, including many with a strong focus on generating leads and making sales. Some examples of these elements include calls-to-action, countdown timers, pricing tables, email opt-in forms and many more.

You can add a wide range of conversion-focused elements lớn your pages with Thrive sầu Architect.

Another option is to add a blochồng khổng lồ your page. In Thrive Architect, blocks are pre-built page sections that can be combined lớn create custom layouts. As well as adding blocks khổng lồ a blank page, you can just as easily insert them into lớn the pre-built page templates, too.

Thrive sầu Architect has 152 nội dung blocks that can be inserted into your pages.

The blocks are all editable và cover many popular page features, such as tương tác forms, team thành viên profiles, calls-to-action và testimonials. There are multiple versions of each type, &, with 152 blocks available at the time of writing, Thrive sầu Architect makes it easy to build a page that has exactly the type of nội dung you require, simply by assembling the different pre-built blocks.

Once you’ve sầu inserted a blochồng, you can edit it through the page builder interface.

Thrive sầu Architect is one of the most powerful page builder plugins for WordPress. The impressive sầu selection of high-chất lượng page templates, well-designed content blocks, & conversion-focused elements can help you to build the right type of trang web for your project, especially if it’s a trang web that will be promoting products or services online.

The user interface has been well implemented, too, and, despite the huge amount of customization controls and options, it’s relatively easy to lớn use.

Whether you decide khổng lồ use Thrive Theme Builder or Thrive Architect for your site, you’ll be getting access to lớn a powerful web kiến thiết tool that lets you create totally unique content. These tools will appeal lớn those who prefer working with pre-configured settings and pre-built content templates, as well as anyone who wants khổng lồ start from scratch & build their pages from the ground up, all through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive sầu Architect are definitely two of the highlights of Thrive Suite, but Thrive Leads is another powerful tool.

As well as capturing leads, such as gmail newsletter sign-ups, Thrive sầu Leads can also be used khổng lồ generate more sản phẩm sales, webinar registrations or any other action you want your audience to take.

Reports state that 70 khổng lồ 96% of visitors who leave sầu a trang web never return. Because of this, doing all you can khổng lồ persuade the people who reach your site to lớn join your gmail danh mục so you can stay in touch with them is highly recommended.

Pop-up & Opt-in Types

To help you khổng lồ generate more leads, Thrive Leads lets you add pop-ups, notification bars, in-content forms, whole-screen overlays, sidebar widgets và more to lớn your trang web.

These elements can contain custom content, including sign-up forms, buy buttons & calls-to-actions. Thrive Leads provides you with a good selection of templates for these elements, making it very easy lớn add well-designed lead generation assets lớn your site.

Editable Lead Generation Templates

However, you can also use the functionality of Thrive Architect khổng lồ edit these templates or create your own chất lượng custom designs.

Unlượt thích many other lead generation plugins, such as OptinMonster và Bloom, the powerful customization options of Thrive sầu Leads give sầu you full creative control over how your pop-ups & other assets look. Also, as you can insert a wide range of elements into lớn your lead generation assets, beyond just forms & buttons, Thrive sầu Leads is ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for anyone with requirements that go beyond simply eliciting a click or an gmail opt-in from their audience.

Some of the other features of Thrive Leads include:

Advanced Triggers: Take full control over when và where your pop-ups & other assets are displayed.Split Testing Tool: Optimize your pop-ups & opt-ins by running A/B tests.

Thrive Leads is one of the most powerful và versatile WordPress lead generation plugins around. The large number of options và different ways this tool can be implemented may not make it as simple to use as the more basic alternatives out there, but if you want as few limitations as possible Thrive sầu Leads is hard khổng lồ beat.

You can read our in-depth Thrive Leads Đánh Giá for more information about this plugin.

Thrive sầu Theme Builder, Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads are the main products from Thrive Suite. The other plugins are well worth a mention, though, so here’s a quiông xã overview of some of them and what they can do:

Thrive Optimize

If you lượt thích the idea of running tests to lớn optimize all of your website — & not just the lead generation elements via the split testing features of Thrive Leads — Thrive Optimize will be of interest.

Once this plugin is running on your trang web, you can test two different designs of a page with your audience. One page could feature a đoạn phim, while the other uses an image. Or maybe you want khổng lồ kiểm tra the wording of a button lớn see which variation gets the most clicks.

Thrive Optimize makes it easy to lớn set up A/B experiments just lượt thích this. The plugin will handle showing the different options to lớn portions of your visitors and recording how they interact with your nội dung. Once enough data has been collected, you’ll know which version has generated the most conversions.

Thrive Optimize is very easy lớn use. It only takes a few steps to lớn phối up a new optimization experiment & start taking the guesswork out of trang web design.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder gives you an easy way lớn create surveys, questionnaires và fun quizzes for a range of purposes.

One effective sầu way lớn use this plugin would be lớn ask your visitors a series of questions before presenting them with a solution to their problem, based on their answers. This solution could come in the khung of a specific article on your trang web or a sản phẩm they can purchase. If you connect this tool khổng lồ Thrive sầu Leads, you could ask for an email address during the questionnaire.

You can also create entertaining quizzes, such as personality type questionnaires. When a visitor gets their results, they’re encouraged to lớn giới thiệu the quiz on social truyền thông media, promoting your website in the process.

If you want to lớn start using surveys and other types of quizzes on your website, Thrive Quiz Builder is a user-friendly plugin for WordPress.

Quizzes could be another way to increase conversions.

Thrive sầu Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice is a tool that makes it possible to lớn build và publish online courses on your WordPress trang web.

Courses can be không lấy phí or paid, và you can build & publish as many of them as you need. Each course can consist of modules, chapters và lessons to lớn help you to clearly organize your nội dung. The drag-and-drop course builder simplifies the process of setting up your courses.

Whether you want to start a business selling courses online or add online courses to lớn your existing business, Thrive Apprentice was built with you in mind.

There are a few other useful plugins included in the Thrive sầu Suite package, including a WordPress comment system, a scarđô thị marketing tool, & a testimonial & social proof publishing tool, so be sure khổng lồ check them out.

Final Thoughts

The Thrive sầu Themes products have sầu definitely been built khổng lồ a high standard.

Their focus on kinh doanh và generating conversions means they should appeal to lớn anyone who wants to use their trang web lớn sell products, promote services or make money online in any other way.

However, if you only want one or two of the products from Thrive Suite, such as the page builder và the course publishing plugin, paying $328 lớn access them isn’t the best value option out there. There are alternatives lớn most, if not all, of the Thrive sầu Themes tools, that, when purchased individually, are available for a lower price.

However, if you’re looking for a package of powerful tools that all work well together, tóm tắt similar user interfaces và are all focused on helping you khổng lồ build a custom conversion-focused trang web, then Thrive sầu Suite starts khổng lồ look like a much better-value & more appealing option.

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It’s also worth pointing out that the Thrive Themes products are well supported & have sầu been regularly updated và improved over the years. There’s also the Thrive University, which will not only help you lớn get the most out of the products, but also teach you all about kinh doanh, conversion optimization and more.