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● Listen and repeat.

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/ʊ/ /uː/













● Practise these sentences.

1. Could you tell me where you"ve put my book?

2. Your bookshelf is full of books.

3. Look! The boy is looking at your book.

4. Miss June is looking at the Moon.

5. Both your shoes and your boots are dirty.

6. Miss Moon went to school this afternoon.

Grammar and vocabulary 

The present perfect 

(Thì hiện tại hoàn thành)

Exercise 1. Tan has invited Quang to his house. When Quang comes, he sees that

(Tân đã mời Quang đến nhà anh ấy. Khi Quang đến, anh ta thấy)

1. the door is open.

2. the TV is on.

3. the house is tidy.

4. the floor is clean.

5. the lights are on.

6. two bottles of water are laid on the table.

Write in your exercise book what you think Tan has done before Quang comes.

(Viết vào trong vở bài tập những gì em nghĩ rằng Tân đã làm trước khi Quang đến.

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Trả lời:

1. Tan has opened the door.

2. He has turned on the TV.

3. He has tidied the house.

4. He has cleaned the floor.

5. He has switched on the lights.

6. He has laid two bottles of water on the table.

● The present perfect passive 

(Dạng bị động của Thì hiện tại hoàn thành)

Exercise 2. Build sentences after the model.

(Hãy dựng câu theo mẫu.)

Example: new bridge / build / across the river.

⟹  A new bridge has been built across the river.

1. a new hospital for children / build / in our city

2. another man-made satellite / send up / into space

3. more and more trees / cut down / for wood / by farmers

4. thousands of animals / kill / in the forest fire

5. about one hundred buildings and houses / destroy / in the earthquake

6. more than 50 films / show / in Hanoi / since June

7. their hands / wash and dry / on a towel

8. another book / read / by the students

9. some ink / spill / on the carpet

10. she / show / how to do it

Trả lời:

1. A new hospital for children has been built in our city.

2. Another man-made satellite has been sent up into space.

3. More and more trees have been cut down for wood by farmers.

4. Thousands of animals have been killed in the forest fire.

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5. About one hundred buildings and houses have been destroyed in the earthquake.