Bài tập tự luận tiếng anh lớp 9 unit 7 saving energy


 By the end of the lesson, students will be able lớn read details & choose the best summary of the passage and answer the questions.

II. Language contents

1.Vocabulary : consumer (n), replace (v) ,efficiency (n),bulb(n), scheme (n), appliance(n) category (n) Ultimately (adv) , innovation (n), conserve(v)

2.Grammar : review the simple present tense

3.Skills : Listening – Speaking- Reading- Writing

III-Teaching aids: Text books, posters .

IV. Techniques : Pairworks – Groupworks .


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Week 24 Period 47 Date: February 12nd Theme: HEALTH Topic : Saving EnergyUNIT 7 : SAVING ENERGYREADI-Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to read details & choose the best summary of the passage & answer the questions.II. Language contents1.Vocabulary : consumer (n), replace (v) ,efficiency (n),bulb(n), scheme (n), appliance(n) category (n) Ultimately (adv) , innovation (n), conserve(v)2.Grammar : nhận xét the simple present tense3.Skills : Listening – Speaking- Reading- WritingIII-Teaching aids: Text books, posters ..IV. Techniques : Pairworks – Groupworks.V-Procedure:Stages/ timeTeacher’s ActivitiesStudents’activitiesWarm up:5’Pre-reading:10’While reading:22’Post-reading:7’Homework:1’Find someone who ?-Prepare two column with Yes / No questions and name .-Lets Sts go around the class & ask others what they usually bởi vì to lớn save sầu energy . If the answer is yes write his / her name in the table The winner is the first one who completes the name column .Do you usually?Name-Turn off the light when it is not necessary ?-Go lớn school by bus ?-Put garbage into dust bin ?-Use the public transpost ?-Turn off the faucet when no use it .- Introduces the new lessonUNIT 7: SAVING ENERGYREAD *Pre-teach vocabulary .Luxury -//- necessity (adj) . Xá xí phẩm -//- nhu yếu phđộ ẩm .Consumer (n) người sử dụng .Effectively (adv) giải pháp tất cả công dụng .Bulb (n) Bonùg đèn .Scheme (n) = plan (n) : Kế hoạch .Category (n) một số loại .Ultimately (adv) = finally (adv) .Innovation (n) = resize (n) Sự thay đổi .Conserve sầu (v) Bảo tồn ,đảm bảo an toàn .*Cheông xã techniques. Sentence modeling-Asks Sts khổng lồ work in pair and make sentences with the new words they have sầu learned .-Calls some students to read their sentences aloud.-Gives bình luận to lớn make sure Sts underst& the use of the words .-Asks Sts lớn read the passage very quickly và answer the following questions .1-Which countries are mentioned in the text ?2-Are electricity , gas and water luxuries or necessities ?Answer :1-America và Europe 2-They are necessities .-Has Sts read the passage more carefully and choose the best summary for it aao ước four following options .a:/ which of the following is the best summary of the passage ?+3: North American and European countries are interested in saving money and natural resources .-Asks Sts khổng lồ give explaination for their choice -Tells Sts khổng lồ read the passage again và answer the questions .-Calls on some Sts lớn read their answers aloud in front of class .-Corrects mistakes .Answer: 1-Western consumers are interested in products that will not only work effectively but also save monney .2-We can use energy-saving nulbs instead of ordinary 100 watt-Light bulbs lớn spend cess on lighting .3-She will pay Us&2 for lighting if she uses energy saving bulbs instead .4-The purpose of the Labeling scheme is khổng lồ help consumers lớn know how efficient each model is, compared with other appliances in the same category so that can save money và energy .-Asks Sts khổng lồ work in groups khổng lồ ansver the questions .“Why should we save energy” ? -Calls on some groups khổng lồ list the reasons for saving energy before class .Answer : -Save money-Conserve sầu the Earth’s resources .-Protect environment .-Prsự kiện natural disasters...Gives assignment.+Learn by heart newwords.+Prepare the part “Write” .-Listen-Take part in game(Whole class)-Go around the class to give sầu the questions và find S.O to answer it with yes .Listen Give meaning write down (Whole class)Repeat C.I.-Work in pairs.Say the sentences with newwords .Read the passage quickly .Work in pairs lớn answer the questions.-Read.Carefully(student by student) .-Work in group khổng lồ choose the best summary (say-explain).-Work in pairs khổng lồ answer the questions for 2 ms .-Compare their answers with friends.(say-write).-Discuss in groups khổng lồ danh mục the ideas for saving energysay-write( one by one).-Take note