Promoting your post lớn social truyền thông media channels is as important as creating an engaging content to improve readership.

Syndicating your posts to lớn your relevant social networks can significantly enhance visitors to lớn your site. This will help you improve your overall search rankings.

For your nội dung khổng lồ be found, no matter what topic it is, you must be active sầu on social truyền thông media.

So, it’s important to publish your posts lớn your own social networks every time you add a new content lớn your site.

Unfortunately, not all bloggers have sầu the time in the world khổng lồ promote their new posts to lớn G+, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

The best solution? Use auto-posting tools.

Automating the way you promote your lathử nghiệm content to your social networks is now possible through social media auto-posting plug-ins. There are hundreds of solutions that can automatically promote your blog posts lớn your social truyền thông media networks but these are the most popular ones:

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6 Tools khổng lồ Automate Sharing To Social Media Networks

1. Hootsuite


Why use Hootsuite when you’re already using Buffer? Is Hootsuite better than Buffer and vice versa?

Hootsuite & Buffer are good services that can automatically giới thiệu your posts. When it comes to lớn social networking support, Hootsuite has wider coverage.

Cool features I love:

Auto post to: Facebook groups / profiles / business pages, LinkedIn company pages / groups, Google+ pages, Twitter, Foursquare, WordPress, Mixi.Ability lớn chia sẻ from: Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, StumbleUpon và much more. Aukhổng lồ post updates from RSS feeds.Schedule multiple posts in bulk.Determine how people cốt truyện their posts. For example, if someone shared a post from your site using Hootsuite, you’ll be able lớn traông chồng that they used Hootsuite khổng lồ renói qua your post.Share links and photos. It uses the ow.ly hosted VPS for liên kết và photo lớn sharing.

Some more info:

Pricing: Free / Pro (From $8.99 a month) / EnterprisePost through: Chrome extension / Firefox extension / iPhone app / máy tính bảng iPad app / Android app / Even if you’re not on chrome, you can just drag và drop their icon lớn your browser.

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With basic tài khoản, you’ll have message scheduling and can mix up 5 social networks. Its pro version has unlimited social networks, atom feeds, & stats history. It also allows bulk scheduling. But you don’t have sầu lớn rush into lớn getting a pro tài khoản as its basic version is already enough khổng lồ automatically mô tả posts to lớn your important social networks.

For personal and professional use, this auto-posting tool is worth a try. It’s great if you want lớn establish a market on your online brvà.

2. Buffer App


It’s one of those apps that can help you out in posting stuff to your social networks. You’ll learn how lớn vày publishing posts automatically to lớn your social networking sites & embrace this useful tool. What I love the most about it is its clean và easy-to-use interface.

With this app, you can:

Set up buffering patterns for different days of the week. For instance, on Mondays through Fridays, you post an update every 4 am, 5 pm & 6 pm. And on weekends, you can publish update every 4 hours. Find out the times of day that your post gets the most engagement và the type of topics your audience like the most. Track which updates get the most engagement. Analyze which of your updates get the most reshares/retweets, mentions, clicks & favorites. Shorten or not shorten your liên kết. Available shorteners: buff.ly / bit.ly / j.mpUse Google Analytics to see how much traffic you get from social truyền thông media posts.Buffer adds content suggestions that you can post khổng lồ your social networks.

Buffer info:

Pricing: Free / Awesome ($10 or $102 a year) / Business ($50 – $250 month)Post updates through: Buffer’s dashboard / iPhone tiện ích / Android tiện ích / Chrome extension / Firefox / SafariFor miễn phí tài khoản, you can already manage multiple social networking accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus và LinkedIn.The không tính phí trương mục allows you to lớn provide 10 updates per day.

3. TweetDeck


TweetDeông chồng underwent major tweaking. The most noticeable one is its overall interface. Its new dashboard is now in Trắng that resembles that of HootSuite. With its new interface, you now have sầu more options depending on the number of social network accounts you’ve sầu added.

Unfortunately, this app no longer supports Facebook integration. So, if the majority of your audience is on Facebook, then you better use HootSuite or other auto-posting tools on this danh sách.

However, if your audience spends more time on Twitter, then this could be a great tiện ích for you to lớn provide automatic updates for your followers.

Key features:

Available in: Mac / Windows / Chrome tiện ích / iPhone / AndroidView & monitor lists, searches, activity and more – all in one single dashboard.Ability khổng lồ select what kind of tweets khổng lồ display in your stream, exclude unwanted terms from any or specific users.Manage multiple Twitter accounts.

4. Dlvr.it


From the term suggests, Dlvr.it will help you connect with your readers by delivering your content lớn various social networks. Yes, just like the other options mentioned above. But what’s quality about this app?

Key features:

Auto-nói qua content of your favorite sites (through RSS feeds) to lớn your social networks. Take a look at this example. See how I was able to lớn distribute the feeds of my favorite sites? Every time they post a new nội dung, my social accounts will automatically update with the liên kết + title (& the author as well) to lớn their new posts:
Ability to filter the content that this tiện ích shares. You can filter it by categories, toàn thân nội dung, title và URL. It’s a useful tool if you only want specific authors or categories that you want to be shared. Plus, you can mix up your Google Analytics’ custom tracking codes lớn effectively traông chồng your click-throughs and conversions, aý muốn other things.

5. SproutSocial


It’s one of the social management tools that let you fulfill most (not all) of your social-management needs. One of the striking things about this ứng dụng is its simplicity. Unlượt thích HootSuite & Buffer App, this one doesn’t have learning curve sầu. From the moment you open an account lớn the minute you make your first update.

Although it’s a one-stop siêu thị for your Facebook, G+ pages & LinkedIn social network accounts, it emphasizes more on your Twitter trương mục.

Key features:

Sexy dashboard. Really sexy.

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In-depth reporting system. You have the ability khổng lồ view your social truyền thông media performance such as how people are engaging with your posts, # of new followers, fans, retweets, mentions, etc.RSS scheduler. Like Hootsuite và Dlvr.It, you can mix up feeds lớn auto-publish posts to lớn your social networks when new blog posts are live.Discovery. It’s also capable of helping you discover interesting people to follow and not so engaging networks to lớn unfollow. All tabs are self-explanatory. Sync feedly tài khoản.

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You can connect your Feedly tài khoản và view the lachạy thử content right from your Sproutsocial RSS reader.Available in Chrome / App Store / Android / any browser using their bookmarklet toolbar.Plans: Deluxe ($59 per month) / Premium ($99 per month) / Enterprise ($1500 per month) – with 30 day trial in each plan

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