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YouTube view bots are against YouTube’s rules, which makes them dangerous for your channel. We recommkết thúc you build your following organically, but we’ve provided this information in case you feel the risk is worth it.

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One of the greathử nghiệm problems facing many YouTube creators is capturing views. There are a lot of people on YouTube who would probably love sầu their content, but all of those views are going khổng lồ channels that are already popular. It’s hard to lớn crack the top tìm kiếm engine rankings as a small channel.

Many YouTubers look for alternative sầu ways lớn get views for their videos not to replace organic views, but to better position their videos lớn be seen by real viewers. Buying views or signing up for a view exchange platsize are two methods some YouTubers consider, & another is bots.

Warning: be aware that increasing your view count with a bot is against YouTube’s Terms of Service and that if you get caught your đoạn phim will be taken down. View exchange platforms are allowed, và buying views is a grey area, but bots are against the rules. If you still wish khổng lồ learn more about bots, keep reading. If you want some safer options, scroll down to lớn ‘Alternatives lớn Bots’.

What is a YouTube view bot?

Why use a YouTube view bot?

What else can a YouTube view bot do?

Are there risks to using a YouTube view bot?

Alternatives khổng lồ YouTube view bots

What Is A YouTube View Bot?

Bots work in an automated sense just like software và they can run in the background. Bots automatically add views to lớn your videos.

Setting up a bot can be as easy as using other pieces of software & there are lots of không lấy phí tutorials on YouTube for view bots.

Why Use a YouTube View Bot?

Bots are used to lớn create the illusion that a đoạn Clip is already popular in order to lớn attract real viewers who view the existing view count as ‘social proof’ of the video’s chất lượng. There are other ways, besides bots, bot accomplishes this but if a YouTuber is resorting lớn a bot it probably means they don’t have sầu the money to buy real human views or the time to lớn participate in a view exchange platform. The main benefit of a bot is that it is fast, easy, & usually không tính phí.

Bots can also be used to generate comments và likes for videos.

What Else Can A YouTube View Bot Do?

The most effective sầu bots come with more features than just bypassing Captchas & generating views.

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You can mix up a YouTube bot to lớn persize daily tasks & automate your workflow. An example might be ensuring that every Clip on your page is getting a view và bình luận every day. You can also use bots (or content organization platforms) to automatically share your videos across social truyền thông media. This frees you up khổng lồ focus on creating chất lượng content.

Using a bot khổng lồ increase your views artificially has its dangers, but it does also have the potential lớn kichồng start the organic growth of your channel. Once you start attracting real viewers & subscribers you will not need to keep relying on a bot.

Are There Risks to Using A YouTube View Bot?


Bots are against YouTube’s TOS, especially for partners using AdSense (learn more about YouTube"s partnership program here). If you are suspected of using a bot your videos can get taken down and you could lose the ability to lớn monetize nội dung (YouTube Review channels now before they can monetize and it will be obvious to them if you’ve used a bot khổng lồ get to lớn the 10,000 lifetime views you need for monetization). Repeated offenses could even get you banned from YouTube, và it is much easier lớn chiến bại AdSense access.

The biggest danger isn’t YouTube taking your videos down, though. So long as you don’t persist after being warned you can always recover. No, the real danger of bots is that they generate low retention views. Essentially, the views you get from a bot appear to YouTube’s algorithm as if people have sầu clicked on your videos, but haven’t watched them. The algorithm interprets that as ‘the people who are clicking on this don’t lượt thích it, we should rank it lower down in search results’. Rather than attracting organic views, bots can actually make it very difficult for a real viewer lớn find your nội dung.

If you are going to lớn use a bot, you need khổng lồ use it smartly and sparingly in order to lớn prevent damage to lớn your channel.

Alternatives to lớn Using View Bots khổng lồ Increase YouTube Views

1. Organically Growing Your Channel

Using bots, or any of the services below, won"t really grow your channel more quickly than the tactics like posting on a schedule, creating clickable thumbnails, or mastering SEO. There can be some perks khổng lồ using them - we won"t deny that there are people who have benefitted from bots through a mixture of luông xã and careful strategy - but in general, it is better khổng lồ focus your efforts on your content & solid YouTube strategies. 



View2be is a miễn phí YouTube views service that also comes with a premium option. The company will deliver a series of không tính phí subscription packages, engagement packages, and view packages. In most cases, this is a traffic exchange service (meaning you must participate by watching other people’s videos) until you get into the premium service and affiliate service. In these cases, users can advertise the services of View2be in order to lớn get access khổng lồ more views and subscriptions. The premium services are just a straight charge for a total number of views, subscribers, or other items.

3. UltraViews

UltraViewers is another traffic exchange service in which people can trade traffic in order lớn get more views on their own webpages or YouTube videos. This site requires you lớn open your browser & automatically navigate lớn a number of websites. Based on the number of websites that you visit, you will be rewarded with new hits khổng lồ your own videos. This is a fairly simple system. There is also a lottery where you can win extra hits.

4. My Social Following

My Social Following is a source for YouTube viewers, subscribers, & likes. As a professional marketing service, the company allows for a variety of benefits such as location targeted services, fast deliveries, improvements in the ranking, và (most importantly)real viewers watching your YouTube videos in full in order lớn boost your retention rates và search engine rankings.

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If you are truly serious about earning không tính tiền views, YouTube view bots are one of many options but they vì chưng mean accepting whatever consequences YouTube might h& down.