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Are you looking khổng lồ post in multiple Facebook groups at once or a Facebook Group tự động poster? you are at the right place…

As you probably know, the purpose of Social Media strategies is khổng lồ build and maintain a presence on social networks. Both large & small organizations, public và private, national and international are trying to be present in the lives of their users/customers, & social networks are the key places they need khổng lồ be in order khổng lồ achieve sầu this goal.

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In this context, (as we mentioned in a previous post) “Brands are focusing their attention on the potential of Facebook groups. Why? Because they’re realizing that there are super valuable interactions that take place in groups & online communities, whereas on fan pages, because of their nature & restrictions, just don’t allow for.” In addition, by using Facebook groups, brands can encounter a super-segmented public.

However, the task of generating a presence in different groups, your own as much as others’, can be a difficult one & even unfeasible for some people, due to issues such as time, organization, etc.

That’s why, in this post, we’re going to lớn bring you some great tips, advice, và super-quichồng and easy-to-apply tricks that are going khổng lồ help YOU build a presence, and even allow you post in multiple Facebook groups at once, just lượt thích the pros do!

Facebook’s new policies allow posting lớn groups through authorized third-các buổi party Apps (lượt thích, but only if the group is connected to lớn’s App on its settings.

If you are the group’s admin, here are all the steps you’ll need to follow:

Cliông chồng on the Facebook button at the top right of your dashboard and then click on Group in the Facebook dropdown.Since you’re already logged inkhổng lồ your Facebook Profile, you won’t need to lớn enter your login credentials. Clichồng on the Group you’d lượt thích to lớn connect.Click Add.You’ll be taken khổng lồ your Group settings on Facebook. Scroll down to lớn the Apps section and click Add Apps. Select and then click Add, followed by Done.Hop back over to lớn your trương mục và you should see your Facebook Group connected.

If you aren’t the group’s admin send them these steps so they can connect’s App to lớn the group.

Simplify your tasks, use tools! Facebook Aulớn Poster

If you want khổng lồ simplify any job, you use tools, right? Well, so vì chưng Community Managers & that’s why they like to lớn use a (the Facebook group auto poster tool) lớn schedule posts khổng lồ be published automatically on their social accounts. 

Note: this article is about how khổng lồ giới thiệu a single post in multiple Facebook groups, but, the Facebook tự động hóa poster, allows you to schedule posts on all your Facebook accounts: profiles, pages, groups và events, and on the other social networks, too.

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The main advantage of the Facebook tự động hóa poster, is that it’s extremely simple và intuitive, & saves you lots of time & energy. With this clever tool, you can schedule your daily posts months ahead of time (on Facebook profiles, pages, groups & events, Instagram accounts, Twitter accounts, Google+ pages, LinkedIn profiles & pages and Pinterest boards) in just a few hours.



How khổng lồ Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

Select the groupsCreate your posts (with only text or combined with image or link)Schedule your post on the date & time that you want

As mentioned before, you DON’T necessarily need lớn be the group’s admin, but you DO need to have the App added khổng lồ the group you want to lớn connect khổng lồ

Let’s see it in more details:

The first thing you need lớn vì, khổng lồ start scheduling your posts, is lớn add your accounts to the dashboard. Since this is a tutorial for “groups”, you should click on the “Facebook” button, option: Group, in order lớn add them to your dashboard.



Let’s get lớn work and start Scheduling Posts! 

a. Aulớn post to Facebook Groups by specifying the time of publication

So, let’s say, that in order khổng lồ achieve sầu a more effective sầu communication strategy, you want khổng lồ update different accounts with the same message, but have sầu lớn tự động post it to lớn each Facebook groups at different times.

As you probably already know, each type of audience has its active sầu times. Knowing exactly when they are active sầu, is indispensable if your goal is reaching your audience.

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So, in order to lớn help you meet these objectives, the tiện ích enables you to auto post to lớn Facebook groups while specifying the time of each publication.

All you have sầu lớn vị is:

Then, you create the post và press the Schedule button. So Easy!