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Dear H&M Member, recently we have sầu the following service updates:

- From September 8, 20trăng tròn, we provide to lớn H&M Members the service of rating and reviewing puchased products on H&M Trung Quốc site (backlinks.vn), H&M APP.. & Wechat mini program "backlinks.vn Online Shop".

- From September 8, 20trăng tròn, we integrate H&M Tmall Official Flagship Store inkhổng lồ our H&M Membership Loyalty Program. You may register & use your H&M Membership, accumulate your membership points và enjoy your membership benefits in H&M Tmall Official Flagship Store.

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Therefore, we"ve updated following legal terms. You may cliông chồng each link lớn read the detailed content:

-Online Shopping Terms and Conditions;

-H&M Membership Terms and Conditions; and

-Personal Information Protection Policy (adding the type of your personal information we will collect & process and the way you could exeđáng yêu relevant rights of personal information, etc. due to lớn the above service updates).

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If you agree to lớn the foregoing updates of legal terms, please cliông xã the "Accept" button below and continue using our online services.