- is a global toddler phenomenon with over a billion YouTube views, available in a myriad of language channels!


* is a successful 3D-animation đoạn phim series for kids 2-3 years of age. Young viewers are introduced khổng lồ a friendly red hovercraft named, who guides them in exploring the basic “building blocks” of the world. In each “toys come to lớn life” episode, colorful shapes are transformed inlớn a new và exciting toy, prompting the child khổng lồ call out the toy’s name.’s videos teach toddlers new vocabulary words, & foster curiosity và creativity.’s songs-for-kids series is perfect for older children, who can learn new words in English while singing-along khổng lồ the original lyrics & happy tune. is available in an ever-growing number of languages, & can also be used khổng lồ help children learn new languages.

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The Magic of lies in the way the toddlers are fascinated & engaged in the viewing experience. Toddlers are eager khổng lồ find out how toy parts come together khổng lồ create a whole, & will happily hotline out the name of the toy. In this way, the videos help children learn new words. Each episode features a new toy, yet recurring motives give toddlers a comforting sense of familiarity, while they are learning new concepts.

Endless hours of experimentation led us to a combination of elements we believe sầu are perfect for a toddler’s early learning needs. These include a peaceful rhythm, a colorful fantasy world filled with things toddlers care about, exposure to only a few simple objects, và pleasant melodic background music.

Anat Eshed, child development expert & an educational advisor to the development of the show, recommends: “Use the videos as language & basic-concepts learning tools for toddlers by watching with the child & discussing the shapes & colors on the screen. For older children I recommover using the videos to initiate a dialog about the things that interest them. You can also talk about social norms, safety rules & different emotions và experiences the videos may bring up.”

Free Games và Crafts!


In addition to the videos, the trang web provides an online playground featuring không lấy phí games, crafts và activities for young children. We invite you khổng lồ enjoy our playground & all it has to lớn offer: không tính tiền coloring pages, puzzles for kids, paint và match games, & birthday cards for kids lớn color. All of our online games are colorful and appealing, and include the familiar visual & musical motives our young viewers adore.

Due khổng lồ growing demvà for merchandise, we are pleased to announce that we are working on opening a store. The store will feature apps for kids, sing-along songs to lớn tải về, birthday buổi tiệc ngọt supplies và more. Sign up khổng lồ parents’ club and be the first to lớn know when the store opens its virtual doors!

The Community


We love sầu hearing from our fans, and strive to lớn provide parents, caregivers và preschool educators with activity ideas, insightful articles & educational resources lớn accompany’s videos. Our website offers parents a dedicated area with articles about child development, educational activities & craft ideas, as well as a gallery of inspirational quotes about kids, parenting và education.

We invite you to stay in touch by joining’s club (it’s free!). When the club opens, members will receive monthly newsletters with exclusive sầu content & special offers. You can also find on the various social truyền thông platforms to receive updates on new videos, tóm tắt ideas with other parents in our community, và get the inside-scoop inlớn what the Tu-Ti-Team is currently working on.

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Who We Are


Twist Animation is a digital art studio, founded by Yossi mê Dahan và Tal Gamliel in 2002. More than 10 years of professional experience in 3 chiều Animation & graphic kiến thiết, as well as our love for the fine arts, led lớn the founding of the studio. We have a passion for creating animated characters with chất lượng & enchanting personalities, and strongly believe that “if you love something it shows”. was born when we created a series of short videos to lớn entertain our own children. It was their enthusiasm that drove sầu us lớn share the videos with the rest of the world- and we were blown away by the positive reactions from around the globe. The growing interest motivated us khổng lồ create more chất lượng toddler videos, và expvà inlớn sing-along songs for kids. We plan to continue making videos và interactive sầu products for kids, in the hopes of bringing a little bit of 3 chiều magic inkhổng lồ every child’s life.

Xem thêm: Essay On My Hobby Reading Book S Is Fun, Cheap And Good For You is a 3D-animation đoạn Clip series for toddlers. Produced by "Twist Animation" since 2010, theseries features a magical world of colors, objects và movement. The "toys come to lớn life" videos andhappy sing-along songs will stimulate children"s imagination & encourage creativity và languagelearning.