By changing this quiông chồng setting, you can start uploading videos và photos in HD when using the Facebook tiện ích on Android or iOS.

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When uploading photos or videos khổng lồ Facebook using the sản phẩm điện thoại tiện ích, it defaults to lớn standard unique. Frankly, most people would probably prefer to lớn upload standard quality photos and videos, particularly if they"re using their sản phẩm điện thoại data to bởi so.

If you"re a px peeper & would prefer to upload the best unique possible, you can vì that by changing a setting in the tiện ích. The process is slightly different depending on whether you"re an Android or iOS user.

Uploading HD Photos/Videos on Facebook iOS


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Tap the hamburger thực đơn button in the bottom right corner. Go khổng lồ Settings và Privacy & tap the arrow to exp& the thực đơn. Tap Settings. Scroll down to Media & Contacts, and tap Videos and Photos. To upload HD đoạn Clip, under Video Settings toggle Upload HD on. To upload HD photos, under Photo Settings toggle Upload HD on.
If you"re using Android, tap the hamburger button in the top right corner. (The rest of the instructions should be the same for both operating systems.) Go lớn Settings & Privacy > Settings. Tap Media and Contacts. To upload HD Clip, toggle Upload Video in HD on. To upload HD photos, toggle Upload photos in HD on.
If you bởi vì happen to lớn prefer khổng lồ upload HD video, we"d definitely recommover doing it over WiFi given the time and expense that can be involved with uploading a pretty large tệp tin using your data. Regardless, uploading video is a great way lớn get Facebook likes.

If you"re looking for a way lớn tải về video clip from Facebook rather than upload it, there are plenty of easy ways to lớn download Facebook videos. Don"t forget about going live sầu on Facebook, too.

Why Android Tablets Are No Good (And What khổng lồ Buy Instead) Thinking of buying an Android tablet? Here are reasons to lớn consider alternative sầu tablets, plus a few tablet recommendations.

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