Viết Chữ To Trên Facebook 2016


Writing bold text on Facebook will help your status become chất lượng and fancy. Recently, there is a trover of young people trolling their friends by writing bold letters on FB in the comments that make many people be attention. Shop owners also write bold text on fanpage facebook khổng lồ make advertising more attractive. As you know, by mặc định we cannot change facebook phông. But we still have a way to bởi vì this. Let’s see instructions on how lớn write typography on Facebook.

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Ads will attract more users’ attention, making them want to lớn see the content of the article.Posting status is cooler, especially with the philosophy of life.Retaining readers thanks lớn important keystrokes, in Facebook groups are very effective.The message you sover to lớn the group will get more attention because it is different from the rest of the members.

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A tool to lớn write bold text on FB

We will use Lucid Gen’s below tool to bold Facebook text in this post. Very convenient that you don’t need khổng lồ go any further. Please save this article for future use.

Video instructions lớn write bold and italic on Facebook

How to write bold text on Facebook

Please enter the text you want to bold on FB, then clichồng the Copy and paste button inlớn the nội dung of your Facebook posts. There are 2 bold fonts for you to choose from lớn personalize the post, makes it easier for readers to see what you want them to care about.

Lucid Gen’s bold text is by special characters, not by formatting. So you paste it inkhổng lồ Facebook và you will still keep the bold font like that.

Write bold text in Facebook Chat on computer

There are 2 ways to lớn write bold on Facebook by phone:

Method 1: Use the bold text tool on FB in the first part of this article.

Method 2: If your phone cannot be used for method 1, you can still make text stvà out more with Stylish Text application. I think this application is very good, you will create many other beautiful typefaces.

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Once you’ve installed the app, open it up and follow the app’s instructions, Android & iPhone may vary.

When entering, there will be many FB fonts. Some FB typefaces you have sầu lớn click the unlochồng button, then watch the promotional video.

You type in the box Tr above, then click the tóm tắt button in the FB fonts you lượt thích. The sharing menu appears, choose Copy.


Surely, through this article, many of you will know how to lớn write typography on Facebook khổng lồ make the ad title more attractive sầu. It’s cool to lớn post on your personal page with some philosophy of life if you write it bold or italic. If you find it interesting, save sầu this article in your browser, next time you need to lớn open it for quiông chồng use. Don’t forget to giới thiệu with your dear colleagues.

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