Youtube bumper ads: the complete guide to six


How can your brand reach the billions of YouTube watchers? One of the most cost-efficient and straightforward ad types on YouTube is called Bumper ads.

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YouTube Bumper ads give advertisers a creative way khổng lồ increase brvà awareness in an affordable format.


For example, under Detailed Demographics, you can target audiences based on marital status, education, và whether they own a home page.

Beneath What they are actively researching or planning, you can choose to target audiences who are looking khổng lồ change jobs, start a business, or renovate their homes.

So, a hardware store might choose to lớn target men between the ages of 18 & 44 who have sầu been researching information about home renovations. Or, a bridal boutique might target women between the ages of 18 và 34 who are preparing for marriage.

Just lượt thích you wouldn’t run any other campaign without targeting carefully, make sure you take the time khổng lồ set detailed targeting. Keep in mind that you will want lớn make adjustments as you go once you get a better idea for what works.

#3 – Leverage Retargeting

Retargeting, as you may know, allows marketers lớn target people who have sầu interacted with their brvà in the past.

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Depending on the setting of your campaign, you might choose to lớn target people who have visited your website or joined your tin nhắn các mục.

But, if you think of retargeting only as a way khổng lồ encourage people lớn, for example, to lớn kiểm tra out an abandoned cart, you might be underestimating this strategy.

You can also remarket to lớn viewers who watch videos on your YouTube channel, commented on a đoạn Clip, watched a specific video, or watched a đoạn Clip as an ad.

These options make retargeting particularly useful when it comes lớn Bumper ads. The short format is ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for getting your brvà back in front of viewers who have interacted with you in some way.

Many users are annoyed by the unskippable ads, but with Bumper ads, you can reinforce your brand without further frustrating customers. In fact, they are likely to be relieved the ad is just six seconds!

Just keep in mind that using resale in addition to another demographic targeting can significantly reduce your overall reach. Instead, target remarketing ads broadly.

#4 – Consider Using Bumper Ads Alongside TrueView Ads

TrueView ads are skippable YouTube ads that viewers have sầu the option to lớn watch if they are interested in the company, or skip if they don’t want khổng lồ watch the ad.

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These are ikhuyến mãi for advertisers because you only pay for ads that people choose lớn watch.

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