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YouTube is similar khổng lồ Google in that it is a tìm kiếm engine. YouTube uses an algorithm khổng lồ show the right videos khổng lồ the right audience. This helps ensure that viewers see content that they are interested in và will continue khổng lồ watch.

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Video content producers should understvà how the YouTube algorithm operates so that they can use the right tools lớn hone in on their target audience. 

Using the right keywords will help the algorithm work correctly lớn suggest your YouTube Clip lớn the right audience, helping lớn make your video trending và increase the number of channel subscribers you have sầu. This means you will need lớn optimize your video’s title, tags, description, và transcription by doing proper keywords research.

Although SEO và keyword might sound like a foreign language, using the right từ khóa tools can simplify this process.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of YouTube từ khoá, why they’re important, and the best từ khóa tools to help with ranking videos:

What Are YouTube Keywords?

According khổng lồ YouTube, adding relevant and descriptive từ khoá to lớn your video will help viewers find your nội dung. Keywords provide YouTube with the information that the algorithm needs lớn direct your nội dung khổng lồ the right people. Every minute, roughly 500 hours of nội dung are uploaded to lớn YouTube. Without the right từ khoá, it can be difficult for your content lớn be found. 

The YouTube algorithm doesn’t favor specific topics. Instead, it shows nội dung that is well-liked by the audience. The algorithm considers what the audience does & doesn’t watch, how much time viewers spover watching the Clip, the number of likes và dislikes, và “not interested” feedbaông chồng.

YouTube recommends that creators look into lớn what words people use to find their content. These relevant tìm kiếm terms, or từ khóa, can provide helpful insight for future titles and descriptions. 

To see this in action, consider the videos at the top of the search results page when searching “best video editing software.” 

Source: YouTube

As you can see, the results aren’t just based on what’s entered into lớn the search box và the most viewed videos on YouTube.

Instead, the algorithm considers things like how well the title, description, and đoạn phim match each search query. These videos appear at the top of the results page because they appeal lớn many people looking for “free” & “beginner” video editing software. 


How Do You Find Keywords on YouTube?

YouTube Analytics provides creators with an overview of some of the tìm kiếm terms used to lớn find their videos. However, this data is fairly basic and doesn’t offer the same amount of information as Google Analytics. For example, YouTube doesn’t make its tìm kiếm query data available.

Even though YouTube doesn’t provide creators with an all-encompassing retìm kiếm tool, there are several external tools that you can take advantage of. These tools help creators find the right keywords lớn add lớn their nội dung lớn be seen by their target audience.

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Below, we’ll discuss some of the best keyword tools và how they can help you:

Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool provides users with access to YouTube keywords research tools. This tool pulls high-volume keywords from YouTube’s autocomplete feature, providing creators with insight into lớn how they should write an engaging title.

Unlike other YouTube keywords tools, you don’t need an tài khoản to use this tool. This không lấy phí keyword research tool for YouTube generates up lớn 750 long-tail keywords suggestions, but you can pay for the pro version, which provides even more long-tail keywords variations. With a pro version, creators can: 

Discover two times more keyword when compared with the không lấy phí version. 

Access accurate YouTube tìm kiếm volume estimates. 

Filter and sort keyword based on chất lượng parameters. 

Keyword Tool offers three paid versions:

The pro basic plan costs $89 a month or $69 a month with annual billing. 

The pro plus plan costs $99 a month or $79 a month with annual billing. 

The pro business plan costs $199 a month or $159 a month with annual billing. 

Google Search Console

Another miễn phí từ khoá retìm kiếm tool for YouTube is Google Search Console. This keywords tool helps YouTube creators monitor their performance and see ways to perform better.

This includes optimizing content based on users’ search queries, getting nội dung on Google by submitting URLs for crawling, và getting alerted to lớn issues that you can fix. To see keyword showing in tìm kiếm results: 

Sign in khổng lồ your Search Console account. Under 'Performance' cliông chồng 'Search Results.'  Change the search type if you'd like (you can filter it for Web, Image, Video, or News) & adjust the date range. Even if it is phối to lớn 'Web' you'll still discover valuable từ khóa information.

Then, you'll see từ khoá people are using to lớn find your videos. This will give sầu you a good baseline of what to improve sầu và how lớn build out further keywords strategies.


TubeBuddy is a không tính tiền browser extension và ứng dụng. It integrates with your YouTube trương mục, providing you with the data you need to rank higher in search results. This không lấy phí keywords tool allows creators to find high-performing topics & create catchy titles with an advanced keywords retìm kiếm tool. 

TubeBuddy has several helpful features, including but not limited to: 

An tự động translator for Clip titles and descriptions 

A best practice audit lớn make sure that your content follows YouTube’s recommendations 

A YouTube keywords research tool 

In addition to lớn the free từ khóa research tool for YouTube, TubeBuddy has three paid plans lớn help you generate even more traffic for your YouTube channel: 

Pro: $9/month 

Star: $19/month 

Legend: $49/month 


VidIQ is a YouTube từ khoá analysis tool designed to help creators find the best từ khoá for their videos. VidIQ has a suite of YouTube keywords tools that can help creators learn what their audience is searching for và how to better create content with their audience in mind. 

WIth VidIQ, creators can: 

Retìm kiếm keywords on YouTube 

View the average views và subscribers with the keywords tool 

Determine if a keyword is suited for the video clip with the keyword inspector 

View competitor tags 

Translate từ khóa with a từ khóa generator tool 

Autocomplete tags 

Use templates for keywords 

VidIQ offers a không tính phí plan to help new channels get started. This plan is pretty basic but provides some đoạn Clip analytics. In addition to the basic plan, VidIQ has three paid plans:

The pro plan starts at $7.50 per month & includes a từ khoá retìm kiếm tool, a way to lớn compare views, & additional features. 

The boost plan starts at $39 per month & also includes a keyword retìm kiếm tool, a way to lớn compare views, & has a more in-depth website suite of analysis features. 

The boost+ plan starts at $415 per month. This plan offers a number of features & has personalized coaching for content creators. offers intuitive keyword retìm kiếm tools to help digital marketers organically increase traffic lớn their YouTube nội dung và outperform competitors.

With this information, creators can generate new & interesting content ideas based on what their target audience wants to see. Ultimately, this helps creators save time by managing từ khoá, referencing up-to-date metrics, and more from one trang web. 

For example, our Keyword Magic Tool provides a database of over trăng tròn billion từ khoá lớn help you pick the best ones for your video nội dung. By compiling a master danh sách of related keyword based on the seed keywords (primary) you need, our tool can save sầu you time finding long-tail keywords.

* offers three paid plans: 

Pro: $99.95/month when billed annually 

Guru: $191.62/month when billed annually

Business: $374.95/month when billed annually

What Are the Best Keywords for YouTube?

Due to lớn the diversity of nội dung & the varying interests of individuals, there isn’t a menu of the best từ khóa for all nội dung. Instead, the best YouTube từ khoá for your nội dung depends on the content’s genre, topic, target audience, & more. 

With, you can narrow in và determine which high-volume từ khoá will be best for your channel và videos. This information will help you find the right YouTube keyword lớn attract more viewers lớn your content. 

Let Help You Improve Your YouTube Keywords

You don’t have khổng lồ be an SEO expert when it comes khổng lồ YouTube từ khoá. Let focus on the technical details, so you can focus on making the best video content possible.

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Our Keyword Magic Tool is an easy way khổng lồ find the relevant keywords you need khổng lồ attract your target audience và make it to lớn the top of the YouTube tìm kiếm results page. By taking advantage of the tools offered by và those listed above sầu, your YouTube videos will be in front of viewers in no time.